The Wind. A Documentary Thriller

Poland, Slovakia | 2019 | documentary | 75 min. Documentary competition National competition

The foehn wind in Podhale leaves destroyed houses and broken trees behind. The sudden change in the atmospheric pressure also impacts the well-being of people and animals. Fascinated with the mysterious element, the documentary authors have captured how a destructive windstorm can change the lives of several local residents. It also increases the activity of local fire brigades and the emergency service. Immersed in the incredible highlander culture, the film is thriller, as unpredictable as the wind itself.

directed by

Michał Bielawski Festival guest

Director, scriptwriter, author of creative documentaries, producer. A graduate of the Inter-Faculty Humanities Studies at the University of Warsaw. A longtime collaborator of TVP Kultura and the Planete Doc Review festival. Co-author of the television format "Jeden scena" nominated for the awards of the Polish Film Institute and Grand Press. His filmography includes documentary series "Kibice" and documentaries: "W mgnieniu oka", "Team" (2014), "1989" (2014), "Mundial: The Highest Stakes" (2012).

Bartłomiej Solik
Michał Bielawski
Lukáš Kobela
Martin Merc
Hubert Pusek
Maciej Kubicki, Anna Kępińska (Telemark), Hanka Kastelicová (HBO Europe), Izabela Łopuch (HBO Polska)
Film screenings:
Wednesday, May 29 11:00 | Kino Pod Baranami Red Room + meeting with creators:
director Michał Bielawski
Thursday, May 30 16:00 | Kino Pod Baranami Red Room + meeting with creators:
director Michał Bielawski
The Wind. A Documentary Thriller