You Only Die Twice

Israel, Austria | 2018 | documentary | 88 min. Somewhere in Europe

An incredibly gripping and poignant documentary thriller. An Israeli director unexpectedly finds out that there lived a man in Innsbruck who claimed to be his grandfather. Who stole the identity of Ernst Bechinsky and held the most important position among the Austrian Jewish community for a few years? Yair Lev decides to carry out an investigation that will enable him to discover the motives of the mysterious man and also confront his own understanding of people’s attitudes and choices related to World War II.

directed by

Yair Lev

David Deri
David Deri, Yair Lev
Jonathan bar Giora
Yaniv Raiz
David Deri (D.d Productions), Markus Glaser (Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion)