Of Animals and Men

Poland | 2019 | documentary | 56 min. Documentary competition National competition

Recently, this story has been presented in the feature film “The Zookeeper's Wife” starring Jessica Chastain. Now, we can learn more about its real-life protagonists – Antonina and Jan Żabińskis. Before WWII, they ran the Warsaw zoo which, during the war, gave shelter to many people, mostly Jews. This extraordinary tale of courage and great passion is made of archival materials, staged fragments and testimonies of witnesses and survivors. There is also an underlying story, a slightly surreal take on the common fate of people and animals.

directed by

Łukasz Czajka Festival guest

Director, game designer and TV reporter. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences and Latin American Studies at the University of Warsaw, as well as the documentary program Dok Pro at the Wajda School. "Of Animals and Men" is his film debut.

Kacper Czubak
Łukasz Czajka
Marcin Masecki
Marcin Lenarczyk
Jakub Piątek
Anna Wereda (Autograf Karol Wożbiński)
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Of Animals and Men