Italy | 2018 | documentary | 18 min. Short film competition

Milady was born in 1994 in Columbia. Soon after, she was adopted by an Italian family and given a new name. She does not know who her biological parents are or why her mother abandoned her immediately after birth. Her happy childhood captured on home recordings and the support of her loving adoptive parents did not help her to get rid of incessant questions and doubts. Together with a few other adopted children, she decides to share her story and experiences.

directed by

Giulia Tivelli Festival guest

She was born in Bogotà, Colombia, in 1994. She was adopted by Italian parents the following year. She attended the film faculty at RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts. She began a two-year direction course with Susanna Nicchiarelli, who followed her in writing her first documentary, "Milady", a short film on the theme of adoption that traces Giulia's experience through old repertory films made by her parents. She is currently engaged in writing her first feature film.

Flavia Scardini Festival guest

Born in Rome in 1991. She attended the film faculty at Rome University of Fine Arts and made several documentaries and short films as executive producer and general manager. From 2016 she started working in the production department with important Italian production companies such as Groenlandia, Fandango, Sky Arte and Lotus. She co-directed the documentaries “Milady” and “We are the only one”, this one awarded by Sky Arte (she is also a producer for both).

Luca Bonaventura
Giulia Tivelli
Fabrizio Bondi
Beatrice Baldacci, Federico Cabula
Giulia Tivelli, Flavia Scardini
Giulia Tivelli, Flavia Scardini
Film screenings:
Thursday, May 30 17:00 | MOS 1 + meeting with creators:
director Giulia Tivelli
director Flavia Scardini