A House for You

Iran | 2019 | documentary | 70 min. Documentary competition

Davud, who is 30, does not have much time left. Eighteen months after his wedding he was diagnosed with lung cancer, lost his job in Tehran and had to return to his hometown in the north of the country. He would like to build a house for his beloved wife. But how to get the money for it under the circumstances? And how to find the strength to see the matter through? The viewers witness the heroic struggle of the protagonist who never ceases to believe that eventually he will prevail over his illness, get his job back and provide a safe future for his loved ones.

directed by

Mahdi Bakhshi Moqadam Festival guest

Film director, born in 1988. He graduated the University of Tehran. As a director, he made his debut in 2012 with the documentary "Wooden Horse".

Mohamad Hadadi
Mahdi Bakhshi Moqadam, Mahdi Shamohamadi
Afshin Azizi
Ata Mehrad, Nazafarin Kazemi
Mahdi Shamohamadi, Maryam Naghibi (Documentary Film Center of Soureh Cinema Org)
Film screenings:
Friday, May 31 14:00 | Scena AST + meeting with creators:
director Mahdi Bakhshi Moqadam
A House for You