Super Furball

Finland | 2018 | fiction | 85 min. Kids&Youth

After Spiderman and Superman, the time has come for Supermars! Emilia, a bit of a scatterbrain, is a nice and very sensitive girl who cares about nature. She has a somewhat unruly guinea pig that bites her in the finger. What seems to be a trivial incident completely changes the protagonist’s life. First, she is kidnapped by her pet and taken on a sky ride, and then she turns into the Guinea Pig and acquires superpowers. Not only will Emilia be able to fly, but also gain courage to take action, which will help her to save the lives of fish in a nearby bay from danger.

directed by

Joona Tena

Jani Kumpulainen
Paula Noronen, Joona Tena
animated by
Plotwise and Animagency
Panu Aaltio
Jyrki Levä
Marko Talli (Yellow Film and TV)