When the Dragon Came

Romania, The Netherlands, Serbia | 2018 | documentary | 21 min. Short film competition

A(n) (un)romantic story from the countryside. She was almost 12 when she met him and two years later became pregnant with their first child. She did not want to get married, but her family decided otherwise. He married her because they were equally poor and unhappy. They had 8 healthy children who left home a long time ago. Conjoined with each other and their small village, they are not waiting for a change. Their daily life revolves around work: grazing cows and farming the land. Next to each other all the time but separate, and only seldom do they meet to meditate together.

directed by

Stefan Pavlovic Festival guest

Born in The Netherlands to parents in the diaspora, coming from former Yugoslavia. His work exists between the experimental documentary and the linear narrative realm. A lot of his work ends up functioning as homage: being made with and for someone, he is close with. Stefan moved back to Europe in 2017 to pursue an Artistic Research in and through Cinema at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam where is mentored by documentary filmmaker Eyal Sivan.

Aylin Gokment
Stefan Pavlovic
Stefan Pavlovic
Dan Nutu (Aristoteles Workshop)
Film screenings:
Friday, May 31 17:00 | MOS 1 + meeting with creators:
director Stefan Pavlovic
When the Dragon Came