Dandelion Mum

Norway | 2018 | documentary | 30 min. Short film competition

“There are no impossible things”, says the documentary protagonist, who is the director’s mother. The woman has been struggling with cancer for many years. Despite her disease, she is full of passion and positive energy. Without hesitation, she accepts the proposal of guest lectures at Harvard University. Unfortunately, she has a relapse during her stay in the US and the treatment is extremely expensive. The protagonist does not give up, although her stay at the foreign university must be extended and her return to Norway is uncertain.

directed by

Barbora Hollan Festival guest

She is one of the three first documentary directors to graduate from the Norwegian Film School. Originally trained as a photographer, she exhibited at the National Art Exhibition in 2014 (Høstutstillingen), only 25 years old. Barbora also has a BFA in art photography from the Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague and has studied documentary photography under Magnum photographer Stuart Franklin at Volda University College. Her ambition is to combine a subtle visual language and an observational style of storytelling, creating personal, yet political films – aiming to make both

Barbora Hollan, Annicken Aasheim
Barbora Hollan
animated by
Svein Tvedten Festival guest
Anni Tiannen
Barbora Hollan (The Norwegian Film School)
Film screenings:
Tuesday, May 28 17:00 | MOS 1 + meeting with creators:
director Barbora Hollan
protagonist Svein Tvedten
Dandelion Mum