Viva Løten!

Norway | 2018 | documentary | 27 min. Short film competition

An attempt to show an unknown face of Norwegian youths. Two young men have had a difficult past, which involved drugs and crime as well as family traumas. Today, each of them tries to deal with the reality in a different way. One seems to continue the bravado by drinking himself unconscious. The other is searching for another solution, although he accompanies his friend. Rather than in a drunk tank, he can be seen in hospitals or centres for seniors where he gives concerts playing his guitar.

directed by

Teresia Fant

Born and raised in Vasa, Finland. She graduated with a bachelor in documentary directing from the Norwegian Film School in 2018. While she was studying film production and scriptwriting in Stockholm, she became involved in the animal rights movement and she had the unique opportunity of following an animal rights group called Empty Cages when they in August 2015 carried out three rescue operations of livestock from Swedish farms. The resulting documentary film has been screened at the Gothenburg International Film Festival, Volda DOKFILM, and Nordic/docs in Fredrik.

Jonathan Bjerstedt
Teresia Fant
Geir F. Rolandsen
Teresia Fant (The Norwegian Film School)