Canada | 2019 | fiction | 11 min. Short film competition

A friendly note, a bottle of wine and an expression of gratitude for a good stay. The camera slowly moves around the interior of the elegant house that Emilia rented via an online service to some unknown individuals for a short stay. Everything seems to be fine, but after the screening the viewer might want to think twice whether they would like to make some extra money in the same way. It is a black comedy from Canada directed and edited in a unique way. This modest and quite simple story surprises the viewer with unobvious editing and disturbing climate. The director was inspired by her own experiences related to renting a flat. Currently, the artist is working on her feature debut – a horror movie.

directed by

Sophie B. Jacques Festival guest

Suspense, discomfort and dark humor are core themes of Sophie B Jacques’s work. For her documentary "Sunday" we’ll see, she flies to Belgium to discover 77 year-old man who lives in a toy museum. With "Chaloupe", who earned a nomination at the Jutra award ceremony in 2015, long-buried secrets are unveiled around a campfire. With "Privé", she learns how to lie in 72 hours during the DocuMenteur Festival where the film wins the jury prize. With "Foyer", her most recent film, she explores what time can hide in the same space. Sophie’s great sensitivity makes her creations genuinely powerful.

Jean-philippe Bernier
Sophie B. Jacques
Marilyn Castonguay, Marianne Farley, Joel Marin
Matthew Pusti, Andy Walker
Richard Comeau
Charlotte Beaudoin-poisson, Sophie Ricard-harvey (Ô Films)
Film screenings:
Tuesday, May 28 17:00 | MOS 1 + meeting with creators:
director Sophie B. Jacques