2 or 3 Things about Marie Jacobson

France | 2019 | fiction | 25 min. Short film competition

This remarkable debut of an actress, Anne Azoulay, intertwines various time frames and realities. It is a subtle and poetic film with elements of humour and lightness which was shot and edited in a unique way. Although dedicated to death and passing away, it affirms life and the family. Marie is a physician. She smokes and reads a lot. From time to time, she talks with the dead. Today, she has learnt that her time has come to say goodbye to this world. She has just a few weeks of life left, which is not much. She needs to act fast, dream, laugh and continue to live.

directed by

Anne Azoulay Festival guest

Anne Azoulay is a French actress, born in Paris. She has worked in films by Pierre Schoeller, Pascal Ferran, Tonie Marshall and Phillipe Ramos, and in several TV series, like "Le Bureau des Legendes". In theatre, her credits include "King Kong Theorie" by Virginie Despentes, which gained her a nomination to the Moliere prize as Best Actress. Pre-nominated twice at the Famous French Cinema Cesars for Best Female Newcomer (for "Lea" and "Adieu Pays"). She co-wrote the feature film "Lea" by Bruno Rolland, where she also starred. "2 or 3 Things about Marie Jacobson" is her first film as a director

Anne Azoulay
Anne Azoulay, Fantine Harduin, Catherine Hiégel, Emmanuel Salinger
Marie Agnely (Ysé Productions)
Film screenings:
Monday, May 27 17:30 | Mikro + meeting with creators:
director Anne Azoulay
2 or 3 Things about Marie Jacobson