Ahmed’s Song

France | 2018 | fiction | 30 min. Short film competition

This tale about the encounter between rigour and rebellion, with a credible plot and natural acting, is very well anchored in the social reality. Some bathhouses in Paris confirm that each day they are visited by about 600 people of a very different status, including the homeless, the unemployed, the poor, students, pensioners and single mothers. Ahmed, who is a bathhouse employee, was ordered to supervise a rebellious teenager. An older man and Mike differ in terms of their temperament and respect for rules, but share loneliness and the experience of exclusion. The bond that is being born between them will offer a new opportunity to each of them.

directed by

Foued Mansour

Born in Paris, he developed his taste for reading and the cinema from a very young age, writing short screenplays. After a Degree in Geography, he decided to dedicate himself to filmmaking. In 2009, he made his first short film, “Another’s Reason” about the French social system. That short film received many prices in festivals and has been selected in French Cesar in 2010. In 2011, he directed “Still Standing", a film about forgiveness and redemption. In 2012, he directed his third short film “The Last Caravan”.

Pascale Marin
Foued Mansour
Mohammed Sadi, Bilel Chegrani
Abdelkader Chaou
Stéphane Gessat
Yannis Polinacci
Rafael Andrea Soatto (Offshore)