France, Japan | 2019 | fiction | 28 min. Short film competition

A subtle debut about mourning and remembrance, deeply rooted in the Japanese culture and tradition. Two years after the disaster in Fukushima, Murai travels almost every day to the village near the power plant, which is within the restricted area because of contamination. He can see nature slowly taking over the space while searching abandoned houses falling into disrepair. He does not want to plunder them. He has a delicate mission to carry out for the benefit of its former residents. He also has one more reason, much more important – which is personal. The director and scriptwriter Koya Kamura was working on commercials for many years. His first fiction film has a deep humane message.

directed by

Koya Kamura Festival guest

Since he was a kid, he is fascinated by the power of the image. Since then, he's thrilled by all kinds of films like "The Godfather" (Francis Ford Coppola), "Memories of Murder" (Bong Joon-ho) or "A Prophet" (Jacques Audiard). Half French half Japanese, the Fukushima disaster has a strong impact on him. It will take him several years to process the catastrophe and after directing commercials for almost ten years, he starts writing his first fiction film: "Homesick", the story of a father willing to enter the no-go-zone to spend time with his eight years old son.

Kanamé Onoyama
Koya Kamura
Yuki Sakurai, Shouta Ikoma, Tasuku Nagaoka
Romain Trouillet
Akihiko Suzuki
Antoine Flandre
Rafael Andrea Soatto (Offshore)
Film screenings:
Thursday, May 30 20:00 | Mikro + meeting with creators:
director Koya Kamura