Mars, Oman

Belgium | 2018 | documentary | 21 min. Short film competition

Bedouins, camels and sand – this is what a desert landscape usually looks like. It is similar in Oman, but next to nomads, there are astronauts in spacesuits walking on the sandy land. Scientists decided to take advantage of the similarity between the local landscape and Mars and located makeshift experimental stations in the middle of the vast desert. The presence of researchers started to influence the local community and space has become something within one’s reach, also for two young girls wearing hijabs.

directed by

Vanessa del Campo Festival guest

Spanish film director based in Belgium. For her, filmmaking is a way to understand and connect with the world and hence, with herself. She studied film at LUCA School of Arts (Brussels), EICTV (Cuba) and BÀP (Barcelona) and prior to "Mars, Oman", she had directed "Lollies" (2018) and "Pepita" (2019), which had been selected in different film festivals worldwide. Her background as an aerospace engineer links her in a very personal way to her latest film "Mars, Oman" (2019).

Vanessa del Campo
Vanessa del Campo, Miquel Sureda
Rodrigo Martin Munuera
Vanessa del Campo, Karel de Cock
Emmy Oost (Cassettes for Timescapes)
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Friday, May 31 17:30 | Mikro + meeting with creators:
director Vanessa del Campo
Mars, Oman