The Case

Russia | 2018 | documentary | 105 min. Somewhere in Europe

He was a lawyer, politician, mayor of Saint Petersburg and a mentor of Vladimir Putin. Without him, the contemporary Russian politics would be completely different. He witnessed and participated in the most important political changes of the 1990s, created the new post-communist constitution but also contributed to the growth of corruption. He was an unambiguous and intriguing figure. His daughter Xenia wants to find out how people from his entourage remembered him. The portrait of Anatoly Sobchak is created by, among others, his wife, Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev or Boris Yeltsin’s children.

directed by

Vera Krichevskaya Festival guest

Daniil Salkhov
Vera Krichevskaya
Andrei Antonecs (oid), Evgeny Ignashev
Nikita Ivanov, Vladimir Te, Alexander Te, Vladimir Dvornikov
Nino Maisaia, Dmitry Grishin (Magnetic)
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The Case