Poland | 2018 | documentary | 50 min. National competition

A double portrait set against the background of the landscape of Suwalszczyzna. An eminent Polish painter, Andrzej Strumiłło, invites his friend Maria, a Belorussian painter, to his 19th-century manor house near the Wigry lake. For Maria, several decades his junior, the visit is an opportunity to experience a different way of life, far away from the city and her obligations; she is accompanied by her master, Arabian horses and two friendly dogs. When they meet, Strumiłło enters the phase of summaries and farewells. The woman is at the other end of this road.

directed by

Andrei Kutsila Festival guest

Andrei Kutsila
Andrei Kutsila, Tatiana Bembel
Andrei Kutsila, Paweł Klepacz
Mirosław Dembiński (Studio Filmowe Everest)
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