Today, Tomorrow… Yesterday

Poland | 2019 | documentary | 52 min. National competition

A portrait of three generations of one family painfully afflicted by history. In Diana and Krzysztof Kadłubowskis' film, inheriting the Holocaust trauma becomes the cause of mutual misunderstanding and unspoken grudges between three women. The roles of a mother, daughter and a granddaughter have added another dimension in the context of the tragedy of the Second World War. The oldest of the women is trying to understand the fate of her family, the younger one is avoiding any direct confrontation with the topic of the Holocaust and the youngest one is looking for a Jewish identity in an orthodox community.

directed by

Diana Kadłubowska Festival guest

Krzysztof Kadłubowski Festival guest

Krzysztof Kadłubowski
Diana Kadłubowska, Krzysztof Kadłubowski
Katarzyna Meloch-Jackl, Agnieszka Jackl, Judyta Jackl
Lonely Noir
Kamil Andrzejewski, Sławomir Klibisz
Rafał Salata
Krzysztof Kadłubowski (Studio Filmowe Plus Tv)
Film screenings:
Monday, May 27 14:00 | Scena AST + meeting with creators:
director Krzysztof Kadłubowski
director Diana Kadłubowska
Today, Tomorrow… Yesterday