Pure Art

Poland, Belarus | 2019 | documentary | 52 min. National competition

A film about contemporary Belarus, freedom and art. A mysterious artist appears on the streets of Minsk and starts to paint. Passers-by, intrigued, want to know what he is creating, but the artist will not reveal his secret. Step by step, the viewers learn more about him. His name is Zahar Cudin and he is one of the most promising Belorussian painters.

directed by

Maksim Shved Festival guest

Born in 1979 in Minsk, Belarus. After graduating from the Law Department of the Belarusian State University he decided to study film directing. Graduated from St. Petersburg High School of Directors and Screenwriters in 2013 and Wajda School (Documentary Programme) in 2016. Now he directs documentary series for television. In his free time, he creates and develops social videos.

Grzegorz Hartfiel
Maksim Shved, Łukasz Czajka
Zahar Kudin
Artur Walaszczyk
Piotr Bodak
Magdalena Borowiec (Square Film Studio), Tatiana Matysiak
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Pure Art