Strawberry Boys

Poland | 2018 | documentary | 20 min. National competition

The life of the main protagonist could become the basis for a feature film script. The ambitious boy spends part of the day picking strawberries together with his father. Yet Hubert wants to become a disco polo singer, as famous as Zenek Martyniuk, so after work he focuses on his musical passion. The boy starts with gigs at local fairs and records music videos to his songs. He has an ear for music, dreams about concerts attended by thousands and – which is most essential – has the support of his family that is won over by his enthusiasm.

directed by

Michał Toczek Festival guest

Michał Toczek
Michał Toczek
Ewa Usielska- Bogusz
Szymon Kuczyński
Agata Golańska (Polish National Film School in Łódź)
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Strawberry Boys