Love 404

Poland | 2018 | documentary | 17 min. National competition

There are days when teenage Rena and her mother spend hours in the virtual world of social services. Yet the experience of the Internet does not bring them closer to each other, even though they live in a cramped flat. Can they find a common language to describe “their own” loneliness? Agata Baumgart films her protagonists up close and personal. The younger woman is an adolescent but she is beginning to understand that her asexuality may be a barrier in building future relations. The older woman is experiencing the second youth, fuelled by hopes provided by dating services.

directed by

Agata Baumgart Festival guest

Piotr Pawlus, Grzegorz Pacek
Agata Baumgart
Rena Stęborowska Festival guest
Damian Pielka
Olga Pietrzak
Svitlana Topor
Ewa Jastrzębska, Jerzy Kapuściński (Munk Studio - Polish Filmmakers Association), Anna Baumgart (Anna Baumgart. Wytwórnia Filmów)
Film screenings:
Saturday, June 1 13:00 | Kino Pod Baranami Red Room + meeting with creators:
director Agata Baumgart
protagonist Rena Stęborowska
Love 404