Long Day Tomorrow

Poland | 2019 | documentary | 79 min. National competition

In Jeevodaya, there is an educational and therapeutic centre for lepers and their families. Helena Pyz came here from Poland thirty years ago to help sick and hungry children. Over the years, she has begun to feel her weakness more and more acutely but the strength of her character does not allow her to surrender to her own illness. A long-lasting documentary observation helps to understand what was the unique role of the missionary and the doctor. Surrounded by reckless people, doctor Helena seems to be the only person who can see the significance of the centre and its selfless nature.

directed by

Paweł Wysoczański Festival guest

Bartosz Bieniek
Paweł Wysoczański
Michał Lorenc
Piotr Krygiel
Paweł Wysoczański (Black and White Productions)
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Long Day Tomorrow