Patision Avenue

Greece | 2018 | fiction | 13 min. Film festivals award winners

Venice, Trieste, Tampere, Tirana, Vilnius and Dresden are just some the festivals that screened “Patision Avenue”. Shot as one take, the film is fast and suspenseful. Thanks to its consistent and precise form the viewer becomes engaged in this seemingly trivial story as if swept by a vortex. Yanni’s mother is in a rush to a rehearsal for Shakespeare’s play when she discovers that her son stayed home alone. The woman must deal with the crisis situation using only her phone and fast pace while walking through a dangerous district of Athens. Grand Jury Prize at the Hollywood Film Festival.

directed by

Thanasis Neofotistos

Yannis Fotou
Yorgos Angelopoulos, Thanasis Neofotistos, Pavlos Sifakis
Marina Symeou
Alejandro Cabrera, Yannis Antipas
Panos Aggelopoulos
Ioanna Bolomyti (Argonauts Productions SA)