Fateicz and the Sea

Russia, Poland, Finland | 2019 | documentary | 76 min. Panorama of the Polish documentaries

The Peter the Great Gulf in the Sea of Japan has no secrets for the film protagonist. Despite his old age, Fateicz runs a seafood farm and delivers the dishes made of his produce to the passengers of luxury yachts. He is relentless in his struggle with local poachers who regularly steal from his underwater farms. The film is a portrait of an old sea dog who, apart from his everyday grind, needs to deal with lawlessness and the arrogance of the authorities. Although he has a quick temper, he does not stop delighting in the beauty of nature and, just like Hemingway’s heroes, feels the best when at sea.

directed by

Alina Rudnitskaya

Sergey Vinokurov

Krystian Matysek Festival guest
Mila Kudriashova Festival guest
Sergey Vinokurov
Andre Sigle (Proline Film), Dorota Roszkowska Festival guest (ARKANA Studio filmowe), Pertti Veijalainen Festival guest (Illume OY)
Film screenings:
Tuesday, May 28 19:00 | Kino Pod Baranami Blue Room + meeting with creators:
producer Dorota Roszkowska
director of photography Krystian Matysek
script Mila Kudriashova
producer Pertti Veijalainen
Fateicz and the Sea