Practice Exercises

Poland | 1986 | documentary | 12 min. Special screeninig

An inconspicuous street survey on young people presents the spectrum of manipulation available to television. Thanks to image and sound edition it is possible to turn the original picture and message of contributions around. Łoziński first records a variety of answers to the question about the condition of young people at present provided by random passers‐by and then shows how the material obtained may be manipulated, depending on the filmmaker’s needs.

directed by

Marcel Łoziński

Documentary film director and screenwriter. Born in Paris in 1940. Graduate of Warsaw Technical University and the Department of Cinematography at Łódź Film School. His achievements include over 20 documentary films that have been awarded all over the world. His picture 89mm from Europe obtained an Oscar nomination in 1994. He has lectured at La Femis in Paris and the University of Warsaw, among others. Łoziński is a member of AMPAS and EFA. He has received a number of prestigious awards. Currently, he is running Dok Pro, a documentary course at the Wajda School.

Jacek Petrycki
Marcel Łoziński
Danuta Zankowska
Katarzyna Maciejko, Katarzyna Rudnik
(Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych)