Vitae Azilia

Poland | 2019 | animated | 7 min. Short film competition National competition

Vitae Dubiae Azilia are old funeral homes where bodies were kept to make sure that they were dead. The character’s flat plays the symbolic role of such a facility. Everything reminds her of the recently lost love: an empty set on the table, hangers where someone’s clothes used to hang not a long time ago or a place in the bed which, as for now, will remain empty. The still undamped feeling revives memories and the longing makes the character’s world disintegrate. This is a portrait of a woman, nostalgic and full of passion, who has to deal with her loneliness.

directed by

Joanna Wapniewska Festival guest

Joanna Wapniewska
Joanna Wapniewska
animated by
Andrzej Czaderna, Krystyna Blachura, Helena Oczko, Joanna Wapniewska, Milena Molenda, Mateusz Frank
Wojciech Kiwer
Wojciech Kiwer, Michał Fojcik
Joanna Wapniewska
Andrzej Orzechowski (Studio Filmów Rysunkowych)
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Vitae Azilia