Poland | 2019 | animated | 11 min. National competition

Arsenij, who is a train driver, likes his work very much, loves his light green underground train car and the plant he nurtures with great care. What he hates is passengers – they are loud, rude and do not help each other. He decides to teach them a lesson. This is the beginning of a black-humour story about a train driver whom you would prefer not to meet. With wit and distance, it focuses on the work leader, workaholism and various obsessions. This film is not only for public transport users.

directed by

Natalia Krawczuk Festival guest

Natalia Krawczuk
Natalia Krawczuk
animated by
Natalia Krawczuk, Aleksandra Wit, Damian Krakowiak, Michał Błaszczyk, Maciej Wierzejski
Piotr Kubiak
Natalia Krawczuk
Wojtek Leszczyński (WJTeam), Marcin Malatyński (Polish National Film School in Łódź)
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