Crazy Against the Nation

Slovakia | 2018 | documentary | 78 min. Somewhere in Europe

Peter Kalmus, a colourful bird from Slovakia, takes you on a journey around his country. It will be political, historical and a bit controversial. This artist and performer is not afraid of confrontation, enters boldly into public space, organizes happenings, is active in public life, fights with the remnants of communism and the manifestations of extreme nationalism. He also admits his own mistakes and a few weaknesses. The film is an excellent opportunity to check your knowledge about Poland’s closest neighbour, a country which is not-well known to many Poles.

directed by

Adam Hanuljak Festival guest

Since the beginning of Hanuljak's professional career he directed three feature films and several short movies. His movie "About Young Parents 2" won an audience prize at the One World Festival in 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia. In 2010 Hanuljak was one of the three founding members of non-profit organisation DogDocs, which aims at documentary filmmaking, audio-visual education and dance movies production. Since 2014 is making intern ArtD at the Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava. Since 2008 Hanuljak was collaborating with contemporary theatre companies from Slovakia on various video-projections

Peter Dužek, Peter Kotrha
Adam Hanuljak
Karol Miklos
Peter Kotrha
Tomáš Kaminský (Mandala Pictures)
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Crazy Against the Nation