Border Crossing

Poland | 2019 | fiction | 15 min. National competition

Hot summer of 1989. The humming of grasses, the buzzing of bees and the never-ending queue at the Polish-Czechoslovak border. After many hours of waiting, a three-person family eventually reaches the border control point. Their tired daughter’s moaning is increasing and the parents find it more and more difficult to bear the tension. What do they fear the most? What are they carrying in the trailer? The director and scriptwriter, Agnieszka Chmura, tells the story of Poland under communism from the child’s perspective. A minor episode, without any victimology or politics, shows the everyday life of many inhabitants of the Eastern Bloc.

directed by

Agnieszka Chmura Festival guest

Born in Krakow in 1986. She studied Documentary Film at Université Aix-Marseille in France.Currently, she is based in London where she works as a video editor. "Border Crossing" is her debut short fiction.

Joanna Kakitek
Agnieszka Chmura
Pola Galica-Galoch Festival guest, Agnieszka Kościelniak Festival guest, Andrzej Rozmus Festival guest, Andrzej Franczyk Festival guest, Katarzyna Galica, Witold Koprucha
Adriano Mantova, Bartosz Idzi
Przemysław Kopacz, Agnieszka Chmura
Piotr Lenar (Fundacja Multi Art i Centrum Filmowe Ama)
Film screenings:
Saturday, June 1 14:00 | Scena AST + meeting with creators:
director Agnieszka Chmura
actor Agnieszka Kościelniak
actor Andrzej Rozmus
actor Andrzej Franczyk
actor Pola Galica-Galoch
Border Crossing