Don't Change the Topic

Poland | 2019 | fiction | 30 min. National competition

Polish tower blocks in 2019 and “good guys against the disintegration of rules”. There are three simple ones that need to be obeyed in the neighbourhood: “First of all: never deceive your mates. Secondly: do not be a loser and always respond to an attack. Thirdly – and the most importantly: do not report to the police. And whoever breaks them, they will suffer.” The film shows a housing estate jungle, a hood reality, rap from the block, loyalty and betrayal. Hubert Patynowski proves he has a good ear for dialogues and a good eye for actors. Or, maybe, they really are guys from the hood?

directed by

Hubert Patynowski Festival guest

Norbert Serafin
Hubert Patynowski
Aleksander Talkowski, Mikołaj Kubacki, Marek Wywioł, Konrad Szymański, Maciej Cymorek, Paweł Charytoniuk, Krzysiek Cybulski, Martyna Byczkowska, Sławomir Maciejewski, Maciej Maślanka, Paweł Polak, Mateusz Kufel, Ula Kuzdak
Krzysztof Guzowski, Wojciech Sodrumatic Rusinek, Aneta Jankowska
Paweł Idzikowski, Barbara Kapica
Ola Idzikowska
Piotr Lenar (Fundacja Multi Art i Centrum Filmowe Ama)
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Don't Change the Topic