My Branch So Thin

France, Russia | 2018 | fiction | 14 min. Film festivals award winners

A deeply moving and subtly filmed story about the last farewell between a daughter and a mother which will long be remembered by the viewer. A lesson in humility and, above all, the acceptance of the order of life and death by means of the intimate ritual of washing the dead woman’s body. Black and white photographs and a slow, intimate rhythm assist in telling a story which, although rooted in a specific tradition, is true for each and every one of us. In a patient and caring way, a “babushka” leads the young woman through the meanders of the funeral tradition. Best Live Action Short at the 34th Warsaw Film Festival.

directed by

Dinara Droukarova

Timo Salminen
Dinara Droukarova
animated by
Julien Chigot
CTB Film Company (sergey Selyanov), Rouge International (julie Gayet, Nadia Turincev), Rézo Films (jean-michel Rey), Rézina Production (bernard Tanguy), Mai-linh Nguyen (CTB Film Company)