I Remember

Poland | 2019 | documentary | 69 min. Panorama of the Polish documentaries

A historical, elegiac fresco about Jews living in small towns of provincial Poland before World War II. The last living witnesses remember not only the joint life of Polish and Jewish communities but also the cruel time of the war. In their accounts, they mention both, the cases of hiding their neighbours and handing them over to the Nazi perpetrators. Kamila Józefowicz’s documentary is based on the studies of the Zapomniane Foundation and presents a few stories of Jews, most of whom came from the shtetls in East Poland.

directed by

Kamila Józefowicz Festival guest

Kamila Józefowicz, Olaf Malinowski
Kamila Józefowicz
Janusz Stokłosa
Kamila Józefowicz
Kamila Józefowicz
Film screenings:
Wednesday, May 29 20:00 | MOS 2 + meeting with creators:
director Kamila Józefowicz
I Remember