Searching for Tereska

Poland | 2019 | documentary | 65 min. Panorama of the Polish documentaries

A story of one photograph. Aneta and Patryk follow the tracks of a photograph taken in 1948 by David Seymour. The famous portrait of a girl who survived World War II becomes the target of the film characters’ investigation. Who is Tereska, what happened to her and how did she become captured by the lens of a documentary photographer? The documentary reveals consecutive layers of the post-war trauma that go far beyond the single story of Tereska. Meeting people who are linked to Aneta and Patryk’s investigation in different ways is a value in itself, regardless of its results.

directed by

Kama Veymont Festival guest

Przemysław Niczypruk
Kama Veymont
Kama Veymont
Barbara Ławska (Studio Filmowe KRONIKA Polska Kronika Filmowa)
Film screenings:
Thursday, May 30 20:00 | MOS 2 + meeting with creators:
director Kama Veymont
Searching for Tereska