Poland | 2018 | animated | 50 min. Kids&Youth

Basia is a 5-year old girl with a strong personality who loves gummies and striped clothes. She lives in a city with her parents, two brothers, tortoise Kajetan and a teddy bear friend – Misiek Zdzisiek. Every day, she comes up with new ideas – one day she wants to be a ballet dancer and the next – a wild animal trainer. In Basia’s world, everything is an adventure – learning pirouettes, cooking together or shopping in a supermarket. Sometimes Basia, as every kindergarten child, encounters serious problems she has to solve, but you will never be bored with Basia!

directed by

Marcin Wasilewski

Marcin Wasilewski has worked as an animated film director for over 10 years. He is a co-founder of GS Animation. After his directorial debut with the short animation Amphora (2007) he worked on Harry and Toto series for the BBC and directed Mami Fatale, an animated series for children. He is a scriptwriter, designer, storyboard artist, animator and also runs animation workshops for children. Currently, he is working on Basia, a television series for children, and the feature film Mice on Strike.

Łukasz Kacprowicz

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