White Riot

United Kingdom / 2019 / documentary / 81' / DocFilmMusic Competition

Rock Against Racism, a movement from London, was born in 1976 as a protest against the radicalisation of nationalist attitudes directed against immigrants living in the UK. The activists’ weapons included comic strips, leaflets, posters and, above all, mass music events where reggae and rock with their ideological messages were king. The heated atmosphere of those years is recreated today by the co-founders and fans of the movement. Their reminiscences and the archival footage employed in the film make us realize that the dark chapter of the British history has not been completely closed yet.

directed by
Rubika Shah

Writer, director and Screen International Star of Tomorrow 2017, whose films have screened at Sundance, Berlin, Tribeca and Hot Docs. Her mini-doc, “Let’s Dance: Bowie Down Under” (2015), screened in UK cinemas and was featured in The Guardian, Rolling Stone, and i-D Vice. Her debut feature, “White Riot”, was showcased at the Great 8 at Cannes 2018. She is also working on an expanded version of her David Bowie doc.

Susanne Salavati
Ed Gibbs, Rubika Shah
Aisling Brouwer
Dave Sohanpal
Rubika Shah
Ed Gibbs (Smoking Bear Productions)
White Riot