Privacy and cookie policy



The Cookie and Privacy Policy presented below defines the rules of recording and gaining access to the data on the User’s Devices using the Service in order to provide electronic services by the Service Administrator. 


  1. Service – an online service operating under the website address krakowfilmfestival.pl
  2. External service – an online service of any partner, service provider or service recipient of the Administrator.  
  3. Administrator – Krakow Film Foundation, ul. Pychowicka 7, 30-364 Kraków, tax identification number (NIP) 6762250313, providing electronic services by means of the Service and storing and gaining access to the information on the User’s Devices.
  4. User – a physical person for whom the Administrator provides electronic services by means of the Service. 
  5. Device – an electronic device together with the software employed by the User to gain access to the Service. 
  6. Cookies  – text data stored in the form of files installed on the User’s Device.


  1. Internal cookies – files installed on and read from the User’s Device by the ICT system of the Service.  
  2. External cookies – files installed on and read from the User’s Device by the ICT system of external services
  3. Session cookies – files installed on and read from the User’s Device by an external service or services during one session on a given Device. After the session is over, the files are removed from the User’s Device.
  4. Persistent cookies – files installed on and read from the User’s Device by an external service or services until they are removed manually. These files are not erased automatically after the session on the Device is over unless the User’s Device is configured to remove cookies after each session. 


  1. Storage and reading mechanisms – cookie storage and reading mechanisms prevent the download of any personal data or confidential information from the User’s Device. The transfer of a virus, Trojan horse or other bugs onto the User’s Device is practically impossible. 
  2. Internal cookies – internal cookies used by the Administrator are safe for the User’s Devices. 
  3. External cookies – the Administrator does not bear any responsibility for the security of the cookies from the Service partners. A list of partners can be found further in this Cookie and Privacy Policy.


  1. Easier and better access to the Service – the Administrator may use cookies to store information about the User’s preferences and settings related to the Service in order to facilitate, improve and accelerate the provision of services within the Service. 
  2. Statistical data – the Administrator and external services may use cookies to collect and process statistical data, such as the statistics of visits, the Users’ Devices and the Users’ behaviour. This data is collected for the purpose of analysis and the Service improvement. 
  3. Multimedia service provision – the Administrator and external services use cookies to provide multimedia services to Users.


The Administrator collaborates with the following external services that may install cookies on the User’s Appliances:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • www.kff.com.pl


  1. The User may, at any moment, change the settings of the storage, use and access to the data recorded by cookies.
  2. The information on how to disable cookies in the most popular Internet browsers and mobile devices can be found at https://jakwylaczyccookie.pl.
  3. The User may, at any moment, remove all the cookies saved so far using the tools of the User’s Device by means of which the User has access to the services provided by the Service. 


  1. Limiting the storage and access of cookies on the User’s Device may result in the malfunctioning of some functionalities of the Service. 
  2. The Administrator bears no responsibility for the malfunctioning of the Service functionalities if the User limits, in any way, the storage and reading possibilities for cookies.


  1. The Administrator shall reserve the right to modify this Cookie and Privacy Policy without the need to notify the Users about it. 
  2. The changes introduced to the Cookie Policy shall be always published on this site.
  3. The changes introduced shall enter into force on the day of the Cookie Policy publication.


  • The Krakow Film Foundation based in Krakow (30-364), ul. Pychowicka 7, is the administrator of the personal data that may be processed in relation to the organisation of the Krakow Film festival and the use of the online service www.krakowfilmfestival.pl.

  • As regards any matters related to personal data processing, please contact the Krakow Film Foundation at the address ul. Basztowa 15/8, 31-143 Kraków.

  • Personal data is processed in order to conclude and perform contracts for the sale of tickets, passes and accreditations as well as advance legally justified interests of the Krakow Film Foundation, including calls for entries and volunteer recruitment. Additionally, contact data is processed in order to provide information about the ongoing events of the Krakow Film Festival to persons who have signed up for its newsletter.
  • The personal data administered by the Krakow Film Foundation is not made available to third persons or third countries, except for the situations when its processing is commissioned to third persons by the Krakow Film Foundation under contracts concluded with the processing entities.
  • Personal data is stored no longer than necessary for the intended purpose and removed immediately after it ceases to be necessary.
  • Each person whose data is processed by the Krakow Film Foundation has a right to demand access to it, correct it, remove it or limit its processing as well as lodge a complaint with regard to its processing and transfer it. The person whose data is processed also has a right to withdraw their consent to data processing at any moment, which has no impact on the data processed on the basis of the consent granted prior to its withdrawal or the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority. 
  • Personal data processed by the Krakow Film Foundation is not subject to profiling.
  • Personal data processed by the Krakow Film Foundation comes directly from persons to whom it applies or is obtained from publicly available sources.