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Docs+Science at the 58th Krakow Film Festival


For the fifth time the Krakow Film Foundation and the Foundation for AGH invite everyone for the series of free screenings of the most interesting scientific films and meetings with the experts as a part of the Docs+Science section of the 58 Krakow Film Festival.


This year’s programme consists of seven incredible documentaries. As each year we ask questions concerning the future of humanity, technological development and the condition of the modern world. How did digitization influence cinema? What were the beginnings of the famous Voyager mission? Will Grant Hedwin save the last rainforest? The stories of famous Commodore computers and the endangered species of the Philippine eagle. And for the dessert – a fascinating story of Jane Goodall’s life. Documentary and science work great together. Find out by yourself!


As a part of this section we will show a documentary “Jane” (dir. Brett Morgen, known in Krakow for his film “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck” which was awarded here) – a story of an exceptional researcher Jane Goodall, who spent most of her life among chimpanzees. As an exception the screening will take place on May 31 at 7 PM in the Kijów.Centrum theatre. All the other screenings will traditionally take place at the AGH Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics.  


Programme: May 28 – 31, 2018


“The Farthest”, dir. Emer Reynolds

May 28, 6.00 PM, AGH



In August 2017 NASA was celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Voyager mission. For Emer Reynolds this anniversary was a starting point for an incredible story about people and events behind the one of the biggest achievements in the history of space exploration.


“Bird of Prey”, dir. Eric Liner

May 29, 6.00 PM, AGH



The Philippine eagle (the monkey-eating eagle) is a big and rare bird that is endemic to the Philippines. Today, due to the human activity, its population is below 800. What has to be done to save it from extinction?


“Living in the Future’s Past”, dir. Susan Kucera

May 28, 6.00 PM, AGH

May 29, 8.00 PM, AGH



The Oscar winning actor Jeff Bridges takes us on a visually stunning journey to find out who we are and what challenges the environment puts on our way. Together with accomplished scientists and experts he narrates the story that will help us to establish our place on Earth.


“Hadwin’s Judgement”, dir. Sasha Snow

May 28, 8.00 PM, AGH

May 30, 6.00 PM, AGH



“Hadwin’s Judgement” is a visually breathtaking story about environmental protection, obsession and myths from the north-western Pacific shore. The film, inspired by the book “The Golden Sprouce” by John Vaillants, talks about the events that led to the destruction of a 300-year-old tree considered by the homogenous Haida people a holly one.


“The Commodore Story – Changing the World 8-bits at a Time”, dir. Steven Fletcher

May 29, 6.00 PM, AGH



This nostalgic story takes us on a journey in time – to the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s. Steven Fletcher, the author of the film, investigates the phenomenon of the electronic industry of that era talking about the famous computers made by Commodore International.


“Cinema Futures”, dir. Michael Palm

May 30, 6.00 PM, AGH



Digital revolution reached the cinema quite late and for a long time the film industry treated it with reservation. Together with filmmakers we visit the archives, museums and film studios to find out how digitalisation influences cinema, what new possibilities it brings and what threats.


“Jane”, dir. Brett Morgen

May 31, 7 PM, Kijów.Centrum theatre



“Jane” is a story – dug out from the National Geographic archives and made of the never before published materials – of an exceptional researcher Jane Goodall who spent most of her life among chimpanzees. Brett Morgen creates a portrait of a woman whose private life was  interrelated with her scientific passion.



After the screenings we invite you for the meetings with experts.

All the screenings at AGH take please under this address:
AGH Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics / B8 building / Room 010A and 010B


Organisers: Krakow Film Foundation, Foundation for AGH

Honorary patronage: Rector of AGH  Professor Tadeusz Słomka PhD

Partners: ZGH Bolesław, City of Literature Foundation

Media partners: Mądre książki, BIS AGH

The project was carried out thanks to the financial support from: City of Krakow, Polish Film Institute, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Polish Filmmakers Association, Małopolskie Voivodeship


The 58th Krakow Film Festival will take place May 27 – June 3.


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