The famous documentary film, thanks to which the director Marta Prus was included on the prestigious list of the magazine Variety, will have its Polish premiere at the festival in Krakow.


For the fourth time, the magazine Variety created the list of 10 film-makers from Europe whose careers are worth following in the future. The journalists appreciated the feature-length documentary film by Marta Prus, “Over the Limit,” which was very well received at the 30th IDFA in Amsterdam and is more and more successful around the world. As soon as at the stage of film-making, the film attracted a lot of interest and was presented at the most important pitchings. In Poland, the audience will have the chance to watch the film for the first time at Krakow Film Festival, where it will be shown in two competitions: Polish competition and international documentary film competition.


Over the Limit


“Over the Limit” is the story of the Russian gymnast, Margarita Mamun, who has to face not only her competitors, but also her own limitations on her way to the Olympic laurels in Rio de Janeiro. The film is also a unique opportunity to look at rhythmic gymnastics from the inside, in the country which is the cradle of talents in this field. The director managed to get inside this closed world and portray difficult relations between gymnasts and their couches.


“It turned out that it was almost impossible to enter the training grounds in Novogorsk – it is a restricted area, surrounded by barbed wire. Somehow we managed to get through the paperwork and we went inside. Everything looked like a command centre, not a sports centre. Convincing both the coach and the gymnasts was also a challenge. At the beginning, there was nothing more but my faith and my dream. Everyone said that it was impossible. But the fact that it was difficult only motivated me more,” the director recollects the period of documentation (more about the film-making process:



Marta Prus – in her childhood, she was the member of the Rhytmic Gymnastics team in the sports club IKS AWF in Warsaw, and then a dancer at Hanna Kosiewicz dance studio. She studied at the Direction Department of Lodz Film School, and also competed a documentary film course at Wajda School. Her documentary film “Talk to me” (2015) and the feature film “Hot and Cold” (2016) were shown in the competitions at previous editionsof Krakow Film Festival.


58th Krakow Film Festival is held from May 27 to June 3, 2018.


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