On November 5, the awards of DOK Leipzig were given. 5 Polish films and coproductions were awarded. 


GOLDEN DOVE in short documentary film competition went to “Close Ties” by Zofia Kowalewska. “The jury chose a film which has a strongly structured narrative about people who are trying to heal broken bonds. The director shows human intimacy with simplicity, humor and bravery that gives the film a unique quality” – we can read about “Close Ties” in the jury statement.


Another GOLDEN DOVE was given to “Patriotic Lesson” by Filip Jacobson about which the jury said: “An old man is crying, deeply moved, proud parents are smiling, a little girl with a plastic machine gun is marching briskly up and down singing a song: A jury is looking for the little Polish patriotic superstar. “Disobedience” is one of the key topics of DOK Leipzig 2016. And how important disobedience is becomes obvious, when one looks at a society that indoctrinates small children in primary schools to sing patriotic songs of blood, sword and sacrifice”


MDR FILM PRIZE for an outstanding Eastern European film went to Tatyana Chistova for the film” Convictions” (Russian-Polish coproduction). YOUNG EYES FILM AWARD for “Communion” by Anna Zamecka and MEPHISTO 97.6-AUDIENCE AWARD for animated short film “Pussy” by Renata Gąsiorowska.