This year’s submission of films to the upcoming 57th edition of Krakow Film Festival ended with a staggering number. Over 3700 film productions: short, documentary and animated, came from the most distant corners of the world. The films, which will qualify for four festival competitions and be shown to the audience at the turn of May and June, are chosen by a dozen experts in a very demanding selection process.


The short fictions are the most numerous with almost 1800 films submitted. Documentary films are one of the most important part of the festival programme. This year, as many as 1250 films compete for the qualification for the competition. Almost 300 animations were submitted. 


From among over 3700 film proposals from around the world, 280 comes from Poland. 


The majority of foreign submissions came to us from France (370), Germany (300) and Poland (280).  Next, there are, among others, Spain, Russia, USA, Iran, Israel. 


In addition, submissions came to us from countries such as: Bahrain, Angola, Bangladesh the Dominican Republic, Cameroon, Cabo Verde, Libya, Republic of Malawi, Myanmar, Mozambique, Nepal, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Uruguay, Yemen. 


The Selection Committee under the guidance of the Festival’s director, Krzysztof Gierat consists of acclaimed film critics, film theorists, filmmakers and producers. The films come to us almost for half a year, with the greatest intensity at the end of the deadline for applications. Usually, a month and a half passes between the end of submission and the announcement of the list of films qualified for the competitions.


The results of the selection will be announced at the beginning of April on our website.


57th Krakow Film Festival is held from 28 May to 4 June 2017.