“World Stories” and “Somewhere in Europe” at the 58th Krakow Film Festival


Two sections outside of the competition at the 58th Krakow Film Festival “World Stories” and “Somewhere in Europe” will take the audience on a amazing film journey through new worlds. Well known countries hiding unknown stories, time travels, and profound look at modern world. Among the films you will find unconventional biography of Etgar Keret, a story of discovering a mystery behind the photo of  Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone, and Abel Ferrara’s documentary.


“World Stories”


Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story

Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story


Two fans of the Israeli writer Etgar Keret, who will be our guest at the Festival, decide to make a documentary about him. The master of short fiction happens to be as exceptional and fascinating as his stories. “Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story” (dir. Stephane Kaas) intertwines with the book narrative creating a charming story about the man for whom telling stories is a true meaning of life.

“The Bastard” (dir. Floris-Jan van Luyn) is the story of Daniel from Ethiopia, who as a child was abandoned by his Dutch father. The protagonist is convinced that if he didn’t do that, his own life would turn out differently. Daniel’s story intertwines with the family story of his father’s – both turn out to be similar to an unexpected degree.

Ma’ohi Nui, in the Heart of the Ocean My Country Lies


“Ma’ohi Nui, in the Heart of the Ocean My Country Lies” (dir. Annick Ghijzelings) is about Tahiti, the paradise island in the shade of the atomic mushroom cloud. It lures tourists with its tropical climate and intriguing exotic culture. Yet not many western visitors study the history of Polynesia, which was marked with nuclear tests. In the meantime, the events that took place over 50 years ago still weigh upon this place and the people.

Irit and Aser whose son, an officer in Israeli navy, was killed before he could start his own family, decide to use his sperm to get a grandson. However, the law is not on their site. “Empty Room” (dir. Shirly Berkovitz) registers couple’s struggle with various officials and courts. The documentary visibly corresponds with the short feature “Bonboné” (dir. Rakan Mayasi), which will be presented in the Festivals Winners section.


“Dying to Tell” shows war through the eyes of the war correspondents. They reach the most dangerous places to describe the hell of military conflicts around the world. They affect them as strongly as the soldiers and people leaving in the military zone and they face the same risk as they do.


“Somewhere in Europe”


Empty room


Abel Ferrara, one of the most interesting contemporary directors, uncompromising filmmaker, known for his cult film “Bad Lieutenant”, in the documentary “Abel Ferrara’s Piazza Vittorio” talks about the heart of Rome, the place where cultures meet, where the paths of legal and illegal immigrants, artists, businessmen and politicians cross.

“My Name is Nobody” (dir. Denise Janzee) is a story of a certain photograph. Three school boys are in it. Among them the future famous director Sergio Leone and equally famous composer Ennio Morricone. But who is the third boy who is seating between them? Was he also bound for success?

What hides beneath the name “Ashcan” (dir. Willy Perelsztejn)? To find an answer to this question we come back in time to the end on the Second World War. That’s when the secret prison comes to life, in which the biggest Nazi criminals await the Nuremberg trials.

Faith Hope Love


The director of the film “Faith Hope Love” Katja Fedulova left mother Russia when she was 18 years old. Her native country has been always bringing to her mind her grandmother, a war hero. After 20 year Fedulova decides to come back to see who the modern women heroes are in the country of Putin.

In the meantime the Czech journalist Saša Uhlová performs a social experiment in the film “The Limits of Work”. For half a year she works in the worst paid workplaces, where no qualifications are needed. With a hidden camera she registers her experiences and reflections.


The list of films:


World Stories:

“The Bastard”, dir. Floris-Jan van Luyn, 85’, Netherlands, 2018

“Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story”, dir. Stephane Kaas, 66’, Netherlands, 2017

Ma’ohi Nui, in the Heart of the Ocean My Country Lies”, dir. Annick Ghijzelings, 112’, Belgium, 2018

“Empty Room”, dir. Shirly Berkovitz, 70’, Israel, 2017

“Dying to Tell”, dir. Hernán Zin, 87’, Spain, 2017


Somewhere in Europe:

“Ashcan”, dir. Willy Perelsztejn, 90’, Luksemburg, Belgium, 2018

“The Limits of Work”, reż, Apolena Rychlíková, 70’, Czech Republic, 2017

“My Name Is Nobody”, dir. Denise Janzee, 79’, Netherlands, 2017

“Abel Ferrara’s Piazza Vittorio”, dir. Abel Ferrara, 82’, Italy, 2017

“Faith Hope Love”, dir. Katja Fedulova, 97’, Germany, 2017