KFF Voucher

A voucher that you can buy for someone as a gift.

    This is a voucher that you give to someone as a gift. It gives the recipient access to cinema screenings and a package of films on KFF VOD, which you can see from May 31 to June 16, 2024. How do you get the voucher? It’s simple: you will receive it to the email address you provided in the payment process. You can send it to someone or print it out and give it to them. HAPPY pass is a great idea for any occasion. Under the Christmas tree or for a birthday…. emotion included.

How does it work?

  • We send your purchased passes and vouchers in the form of a file, to the email address specified in your order.
  • Each file has a unique code, which after March 1, 2024 you will exchange for a real My KFF pass.
  • We care about the order process and your comfort, so we will remind you by email to exchange the code for a real pass.
  • We send emails with files on business days, so don’t worry if you buy a pass on the weekend – you will definitely receive it in the mail on Monday!
  • Do you have questions? Looking for something different? Want to order group packages? Go ahead! Feel free to contact us: [email protected]
The rules and regulations for the online sale of tickets, passes and Accreditations and the use of KFF VOD as part of the Krakow Film Festival

The 64th Krakow Film Festival will be held in cinemas from 26 May to 2 June and online across Poland on the KFF VOD platform from 31 May to 16 June 2024.