• Jānis Ābele

    Cinéaste Jānis Ābele with his graduation film "Six Feet Above" (2015) won Grand Prix at 33rd ISFF “Tous Courts” (France). This success paved the way for the debut feature, "7 Billion Years before the End of the World", released in 2018. A year later, the director's second feature, "Jelgava '94," received four national film awards, including the Best Directing recognition for Jānis Ābele at the age of 29. "Jelgava '94" also became the first Latvian fiction film to be available on Netflix. In 2022, he released an essay short documentary “81 Meters” that traveled around 15 festivals.

    Blank Page Syndrome
    Jānis Ābele, portret gościa
  • Emil Ahlhelm

    Born in Munich in 1998. He is trained as a wood sculptor in Oberammergau in Upper Bavaria and has since experimented with the medium of film. He has received several awards for his work, including the Bavarian and German Youth Film Prize. Since 2021 Emil Silvester Ahlhelm has been studying Documentary Film and Television Journalism at the University of Television and Film Munich.

    Emil Ahlhelm, portret gościa
  • Mohammed Almughanni

    Director, screenwriter and cinematographer. He was born in 1993 in Gaza. He is a student of Film Directing at the Film School in Łódź. He returned to his homeland as a director to tell the story of the communities living in the shadow of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He is an author of documentary and feature films, including "Falafala" (2018), "Where’s the Donkey" (2018), "Maria" (2015) and "Halawan" (2012). His documentary "Shujayya" (2015) won numerous film festival awards.

    An Orange from Jaffa
    Mohammed Almughanni, portret gościa
  • Cris Arana

    Film director and screenwriter, born in Paraguay, 1985. She began writing and directing short films in 2018 and currently she is working on her first feature film. “Emilio Barreto: Angels and Demons” is her fifth short film as a director and her first documentary, after the narrative shorts “Y agua en guaraní” (2022), “Transition” (2019), “Workingay” (2019) and “Package” (2018).

    Emilio Barreto: Angels and Demons
    Cris Arana, portret gościa
  • Günter Atteln

    Film director, author and producer, born in 1971. The thematic focus of his work has always been music. He first studied musicology, psychology and economics, before joining the team of a Berlin based film production in 1997. Since then, Günter has directed and authored a large number of documentaries, some of which have been awarded with a variety of prizes, including “Soulscapes – The Choreographer Uwe Scholz”, “Die Thomaner” and “The Lost Paradise”, a rare portrait about the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt.

    Joana Mallwitz - Momentum
    Günter Atteln, portret gościa
  • Ned Augustenborg

    Film director and producer, a native of Los Angeles. He has produced documentaries on such subjects as California's prison crisis, a struggling L.A. Rock Band and a bio on Nobel Prize winner Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg. A recipient of multiple EMMY and CableACE Awards, he has produced for CNN, CNBC, NBC, ESPN, Prime Ticket, and MSNBC. After schooling at the University of Southern California and the University of Arizona, Ned worked in News, Sports and Studio Management. Currently he's working with Stanford University on documenting the history of computer music and the discovery of FM Synthesis.

    Don Lewis and the Live Electronic Orchestra
    Ned Augustenborg, portret gościa
  • Arkadiusz Bartosiak

    A director and screenwriter of documentary films, short films, and commercials, born 1975. He is a graduate in economics from the University of Warsaw, film directing at the Warsaw Film School, and the DokPro program at the Wajda School. He has worked as a reporter and foreign correspondent and is an author of three journalistic books. He has dedicated the last three years to working on the documentary "I Am the Creation of Fiction". Currently he is developing the project for a feature-length film titled "Rozdrobnienie X".

    I Am the Creation of Fiction
    Arkadiusz Bartosiak, portret gościa
  • Elżbieta Benkowska

    Director and screenwriter. For her diploma film 'Olena', made at the Gdynia Film School, she received many awards, including a nomination for the Golden Palm in the short film competition at the 66th Cannes International Film Festival. She went on to direct the first part of the film triptych 'Nowy świat' produced by Akson Studio. She is currently working on her feature-length debut entitled 'Orunia 4ever', for which she has already received the Script Pro Special Award. She is the president of the Youth Circle of the Association of Polish Filmmakers.

    The Power of Resistance
    Elżbieta Benkowska, portret gościa
  • Dekel Berenson

    An award winning writer, director, and member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Drawing inspiration from travelling to more than sixty countries, he explores real-world social and humanitarian issues. His short film "Anna" premiere in Competition at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, was shortlisted for a BAFTA, and won Best British Short at the 22nd BIFA awards. His short film "Ashmina" won numerous prizes, including Best Short Film at the 59th Krakow Film Festival and Best Live Action Short at the 36th Jerusalem Film Festival.

    Dekel Berenson, portret gościa
  • Ragnhild Nøst Bergem

    A Norwegian award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer, nominated for an Amanda (local Oscar). Her documentaries have played in theaters, on television and at film festivals, both in Norway and abroad. Bergem has won two Gullruten awards (local Emmy), one for "Stay" and another for "Being Ola". She has a distinct and brave voice in storytelling. Her intimate approach to the vulnerable characters in her films makes them share the unspoken. Through Bergem´s work we get closer to people who normally remain silent, and her ambition is to help create change in society.

    Being Ola
    Ragnhild Nøst Bergem, portret gościa
  • Johanna Bernhardson

    Johanna Bernhardsson was born in 1974 in Göteborg, Sweden. She has a MFA in Set Design from HDK – School of Design and Crafts, and a Master in Film from HDK-Valand. Johanna is specialized in the short documentary format and essay films. Her ten short docs have been screened at international film festivals around the world. "The Andersson Brothers" is her feature debut.

    The Andersson Brothers
    Johanna Bernhardson, portret gościa
  • Katherine Bisquet

    Writer, documentary filmmaker and activist, born in Cuba, 1992. B.A. in Spanish from the University of Havana. She has published the poetry books “Algo aquí se descompone” (2014) and “Uranio empobrecido! (2021). She has also directed the film “En San Isidro” (2023). Co-creator of Rialta Magazine's column Cuban Cinema in Quarantine (2020-2022), an initiative aimed at the research, preservation, and promotion of Cuban cinema.

    Inside San Isidro
    Katherine Bisquet, portret gościa
  • Matej Bobrik

    Slovak film director born in Prague. Graduate of the directing department at the Film School in Łódź and the DOK PRO documentary course at the Wajda School. His student film ‘Where the Sun Doesn't Rush’ took part in competitions at international film festivals, including IDFA, DOK Leipzig and Visions du Réel. His debut documentary ‘The Visit’ produced by Munk Studio won the Silver Eye award at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival. Matej Bobrik's latest film ‘Distances’ won the award for Best Documentary Film from Central and Eastern Europe in Jihlava in 2023. He currently lives in Warsaw, creates original films and directs documentary series for, among others, Netflix and Canal+.

    Matej Bobrik, portret gościa
  • Nick Bolger

    Producer and director in the television industry. With over two decades of experience he has worked to create appealing and memorable content that captivates audiences around the world. In 2002 he founded the production company Icon International.

    Stay Homas. The Band That Shouldn't Exist
    Nick Bolger, portret gościa
  • Adelina Borets

    A screenwriter and director born in Mariupol, Ukraine. She is a graduate of directing at the Warsaw Film School and the Script course at the Wajda School. She is currently defending her master's degree in directing at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School in Katowice. Her debut documentary film entitled ‘Star of Wormwood’ won the Grand Prix and the audience award at the 15th International Ecological Festival ‘EKOFILM’, the Grand Prix at the Golden Frames festival - International Festival of Short Fiction Films, and the medium-length feature film ‘Paradise House’ was recognised as the best feature film at the Coal Film Festival in Katowice and was awarded the special critics‘ prize at the Critics’ Festival in Kiev.

    Flowers of Ukraine
    Adelina Borets, portret gościa
  • Matias Borgström

    Matias Borgström, portret gościa
  • Ewa Borysewicz

    Director, screenwriter, visual artist and university pedagogue. Graduate of the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School in Katowice and the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. Currently a doctoral student at the Film School in Łódź. The author of award-winning animated films, of which 'To Thy Heart' was, among others, nominated for the Golden Bear at the Berlinale and won the Grand Prix at the Animateka Festival in Ljubljana. She has completed an artist residency programme in Tokyo and at Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart. She works and lives in Warsaw.

    The Miracle
    Ewa Borysewicz, portret gościa
  • Francesco Bovara

    Actor and director, graduated in acting from the Teatro Stabile in Genoa in 2019. He is a co-founder of Giungla Collective, a cultural association that has been involved since 2018 in producing short films and music videos, as well as organizing cinema-related events, including the Pirate Cinema Party. He has worked as an actor in films by Andrea Segre and Susanna Nicchiarelli. In 2021, he directed the music video "Nemi" for the musical duo "Appendice," of which he is the singer.

    Force and Courage, Rise and Decline of an Italian Football Club
    Francesco Bovara, portret gościa
  • Betina Bożek

    Director of animated films and illustrator. She was born in 1993 in Kraków. She graduated from the Animated Film Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts. She has created several animated films admired across the world (e.g. "O Jezu," "Kaprysia", "Deserowy jamnik"). She is a laureate of international competitions, artistic scholarships and film festivals.

    Betina Bożek, portret gościa
  • Grzegorz Brzozowski

    Director, editor. He completed a documentary course at the Wajda School in Warsaw. He holds a PhD in sociology, having studied at the University of Warsaw and Yale University among others. He is the editor-in-chief of the film reviews section "Patrząc" on the "Kultura Liberalna" portal. His previous film "Stranger on My Couch" won the Silver Hobby-Horse Award at the Krakow Film Festival in 2017, and his earlier documentary "Brick in the Wall" was presented at the IDFA.

    Only Day And Night
    Grzegorz Brzozowski, portret gościa
  • Dana Bunescu

    A well-known Romanian editor and sound designer. She edited and the sound designed of the most representative fiction films of the New Romanian Wave (such as Puiu’s “The Death of Mr Lazarescu” or Mungiu’s “4 Month, 3 Weeks, 2 Days”), as well as of several important Romanian documentaries (such as Ujica’s “The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceaușescu”). In 2017 she was awarded the Silver Bear of the Berlinale, for Outstanding Artistic Contribution in editing. She is the co-director of the documentaries "The Distance between Me and Me" (2018), and "Evropa" (2021).

    The Chalice. Of Sons and Daughters
    Dana Bunescu, portret gościa
  • Gianfranco Cabiddu

    Ethnomusicologist with studies in classical music and jazz, the director and screenwriter born in Cagliari, Italy. He wrote the films "Disamistade" (1989, Palme d'Or Best Debuting Director at Valencia Festival, Nastro d'Argento SNCC, Nomination David di Donatello Best Debuting Director), "Cine-concert Sonos 'e Memoria" (1995), a special event at the 52nd Venice Film Festival, "Il figlio di Bakunin" produced by Giuseppe Tornatore (1997, Grolla d'Oro and Nastro d'argento SNCC for Music and Production, Nomination David di Donatello). He lives in Rome.

    Berchidda Live - A Journey Into Time in Jazz Archive
    Gianfranco Cabiddu, portret gościa
  • Paweł Chorzępa

    Director and cinematographer of several documentary films awarded at international film festivals. A graduate of master's studies at the Institute of Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University and Cinematography Deprtament at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School in Katowice. A member of the Polish Filmmakers Association.

    Paweł Chorzępa, portret gościa
  • Andrzej Danis

    Born in 1993 in Warsaw. Graduate of cultural anthropology at the University of Warsaw and of directing at the Film School in Łódź. In cinema, he is interested in combining genres, special effects and psychoanalysis. In love with the works of Leos Carax.

    Andrzej Danis, portret gościa
  • Andrei Dăscălescu

    Holy Father
  • Xawery Deskur

    Visual artist, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. He completed the Script screenwriting course (2018/19) and the Dok Pro documentary film course at the Wajda School (2019/20). He is a grantee of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage's "Young Poland" scholarship and a recipient of the Hestia Artistic Journey award. He has participated in numerous artistic and film festivals, such as: Sundance TV Shorts in London, Berlin Short Film Festival, Fotofestiwal in Łódź, WRO Biennale in Wrocław, Etiuda & Anima, Krakow Art Salon, and ArtBoom in Krakow. He is currently working on his doctorate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

    Are You There?
    Xawery Deskur, portret gościa
  • Tetiana Dorodnitsyna

    Film director, editor and visual artist. Graduate of the Directing Faculty at the I. K. Karpenko-Kary National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television in Kiev. She is the director of the short films 'Wolves' (2023) and 'Who Is Kaya?' (2019). She has worked for television channels, production companies and Kyivtelefilm film studio. She is the editor of the feature-length documentary 'Roses. Film-Cabaret' (2021) by Irena Stetsenko and 'Askania Reserve' (2019) by Andrii Lytvynenko. 'Everything Needs to Live' is her feature-length debut.

    Everything Needs to Live
    Tetiana Dorodnitsyna, portret gościa
  • Lidia Duda

    Screenwriter and documentary film director. She is a graduate of Culture Studies at the University of Wrocław. She has made a number of recognized documentaries, such as "I Do Not Agree to the World in Which My Characters Live" (2002), "U nas w Pietraszach" (2002), "Hercules" (2004), "Hercules Ventures into the World" (2005) and "The Brothers" (2007). Her awards include the Grand Prix in Canton, the Platinum REMI Award in Houston and the Golden Hobby Horse in Krakow.

    Lidia Duda, portret gościa
  • Damien Aimé Dupont

    After a master degree in cinema, Damien aimé Dupont made “Jean Rollin: The Stray Dreamer”, a portrait of a poet who created his very own dreamworld, famous in the world for his vampire movies with nude women wandering in graveyards. Then, Damien directed “A Story of French Fantasy Cinema” (co-produced by a French channel TV) from Georges Méliès to “Raw” by Julia Ducournau. Fascinated by Jackson C. Frank, an enigmatic musician, he decided to dedicate him his new documentary. It remains of this man only 12 seconds of footage, a few songs and photos. Thus began a real investigation on this tragic destiny.

    Blues Run the Game: the Strange Tale of Jackson C. Frank
    Damien Aimé Dupont, portret gościa
  • Katarzyna Figura

  • Klaudia Fortuniak

    Born in Łódź. Director and screenwriter. Student of the Directing Department of the Łódź Film School, graduate of the Wajda School. Author of short documentary films "Praca domowa", "Backer’s Block" and fictions "Ciepło", "Końce i początki".

    Ends and Beginnings
    Klaudia Fortuniak, portret gościa
  • Duda Gambogi

    A director, screenwriter and editor. She holds a master’s in Documentary Filmmaking from EICTV (Cuba) and is currently finishing her fifth short film. Her previous works have been screened at more than 80 national and international festivals, such as Uppsala and Kasseler Dokfest, having won several awards, and her first film, "Endless Love", was chosen as one of the best short films of 2020 by Kinoscope magazine (USA). She coordinates the “Documentary development group”, a laboratory of film projects at the Marieta Cultural Center (Brasil).

    Duda Gambogi, portret gościa
  • Justyna Gawełko

    Director and creative producer. Graduate of Cultural Studies and Script Pro scriptwriting program at Wajda Film School. For several years she has been working in the documentary industry, gaining her experience within CoPro Market (Israel) and CEDOC Market (Poland). Director of a short documentary “Yehudis” (2018). "Jews by Choice" is her feature debut. Creative producer in Silver Frame production house (Poland).

    Jews by Choice
    Justyna Gawełko, portret gościa
  • Oriol Gispert

    Journalist, director, executive producer and professor. He specializes in social documentaries. Since 1989 he has portrayed people and situations in all continents. He has developed most of his projects through his production company, La Lupa Produccions, established in 2005.

    Stay Homas. The Band That Shouldn't Exist
    Oriol Gispert, portret gościa
  • Jędrzej Gorski

    Graduate and lecturer at Warsaw Film School. He graduated from the Directing Department, specializing in screenwriting, at the Film School in Łódź. Director of short films "Lena", "Eden", "Moje całe życie" with awards at Polish and international festivals. His script for the series "Szmal" received the main prize at the ScriptFiesta competition. Finalist of the Script Pro audio competition for the series "Myślami przy sobie". In 2023, he created the theatrical musical "44" about the Warsaw Uprising.

    From You
    Jędrzej Gorski, portret gościa
  • Marta Gómez

    She joined Al Borde Films in 2020, co-directing 'Manufacturing Women 2.0' and 'Northern Wilderness' alongside Paula. Other documentaries include 'In Ruins', nominated at the Goya Awards 2024 and 'Flying Hands', which will premiere in 2024. Marta is currently in production for the feature film 'Call Me Sinsorga'.

    Flying Hands
    Marta Gómez, portret gościa
  • Katarína Gramatová

    Katarína Gramatová, portret gościa
  • Józef Gross

    A promising 20-year-old director from Krakow. He grew up in the Podwawelskie district, and from an early age, he has been a fan of Luc Besson's films. So far, he has mainly worked on music videos for street artists, with his most well-known being the T.W.R. "Gummo remix", which has around a million views. He is currently studying directing at film school and working on set design for productions in Krakow. He's brimming with ideas and enthusiasm for creating more audiovisual projects.

    Józef Gross, portret gościa
  • Janet Harbord

    Professor of Film Studies, writer, filmmaker. She writes and essays on film archaeology and the hidden histories of cinema. She teaches film philosophy at the Centre for Film and Ethics at Queen Mary University of London and is the author of several books, e.g. "Ex-centric Cinema" (2016), "Chris Marker: La Jetee" (2009), and "The Evolution of Film" (2007).

    Autism Plays Itself
    Janet Harbord, portret gościa
  • Andreas Hartmann

    A Berlin-based filmmaker and producer. He graduated from the HFF "Konrad Wolf" in 2011 and has been Meisterschüler of Prof. Thomas Arslan at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). In 2014, he was Artist-in-residence at the Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto, Japan. In 2017, he was nominated for the German TV award Grimme Preis and received the Gerd Ruge Grant. His third feature-length film "A Free Man"won the Busan Cinephile Award for the Best World Documentary at the 22nd Busan International Film Festival.

    Johatsu – Into Thin Air
    Andreas Hartmann, portret gościa
  • Marek Jagielski

    Born in 1987 in Gliwice. Graduate of Slavic Studies at the University of Warsaw, Directing at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School in Katowice and a participant in the Studio Prób course at the Wajda School. Director of short feature films, commercials and, documentary series. As a format director, he created the series 'Farmers. Podlasie'. He is fluent in several languages: Czech, Russian, English, understands Slovak and Ukrainian. "1953 Fight for Hope" is his documentary debut.

    1953. Fight for Hope
    Marek Jagielski, portret gościa
  • Paulina Jaklik

    A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (with a diploma in painting titled "Krok w lewo" under the guidance of Prof. Adam Brincken, an annex in drawing under the guidance of Prof. ASP Piotr Korzeniowski, and an annex in animation under the guidance of Dr. Robert Sowa). Among the artistic fields she pursues are painting, 2D animation, drawing, mural art, comics, and illustration. Her paintings have been showcased in numerous exhibitions both domestically and abroad. The film "Aha" is her debut as director.

    Paulina Jaklik, portret gościa
  • Mikołaj Janik

    Born in 1993 in Wadowice. Graduated in documentary filmmaking from the University of Warsaw and in directing from the Gdynia Film School. He makes documentaries and is beginning his adventure with feature films. He writes scripts, songs and fairy tales for children. When he has time - he escapes to the mountains. He is currently making documentaries "Panorama Tatr", "Mama wraca", "Ewolucja światła według Janusza Chmielniaka". "Mandala" (2023) is his feature film debut, made at the Gdynia Film School.

    The Mandala
    Mikołaj Janik, portret gościa
  • Zhu Jianbin

    Open Eyes
  • Matt Jozwiakowski

    director of photography
    Between Silence and Sin
  • Seung-hee Jung

    Born in Korea, she majored in Fine Arts at Hongik University and Film & Broadcasting graduate school at Yonsei University. Since then, she has been working as an animation director and illustrator. She is an animation director who expresses each work in a very different way. Her animated short films have been invited to a number of international film festivals worldwide.

    Dark Cloud Memories
    Seung-hee Jung, portret gościa
  • Piotr Kabat

    In 2015 he graduated from the Graphic Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. He is a representative of the early 1990s generation raised on television glorifying the culture of the 20th century America. He has been involved in many, seemingly unrelated, creative activities ranging from cycling and skiing clip recording, through teaching drawing and painting to work on the animation and postproduction of foreign music videos.

    All My Fucking Superheroes
    Piotr Kabat, portret gościa
  • Oksana Karpovych

    A Ukrainian-Canadian filmmaker, writer and photographer born in Kyiv. Her first feature documentary "Don’t Worry, the Doors Will Open" won the New Visions Award at RIDM in 2019 and received a special mention at Hot Docs 2020. In her projects, Karpovych explores the everyday life and oral histories of ordinary people and how state politics intrude into the private sphere, influencing the communities she intimately documents. Karpovych is a Cultural Studies graduate of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Ukraine and a Film Production graduate of Concordia University in Montreal.

    Oksana Karpovych, portret gościa
  • Piotr Kielar

    Documentary filmmaker, independent producer. He studied theater studies in Warsaw and directing at the Film School in Łódź. He is a two-time winner of the Krakow Film Festival, for the films "At the End of the World" (1996) and "Dad from America" (1997). His film "Double Life" received the Prix Europa in Berlin in 2000 in the "Young Europe" category. He has worked on films for Canal+ and TVP. He was a grantee of the III Cinefondation session at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2004, he co-created the TVP Kultura program (Hotbird Award).

    I, Rosiński
    Piotr Kielar, portret gościa
  • Lyuba Knorozok

  • Anna Korom

    Born in Budapest in 1994. She started her film directing studies at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, where she completed her Bachelor's degree. After the university was stripped of its independence she continued her studies with her classmates at the Freeszfe Society, which was founded by students, teachers and formal university employees after the university occupation. Thanks to an international collaboration, she received her Master's degree at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna in 2023.

    Diamond Beauty
    Anna Korom, portret gościa
  • Shiva Krish

    He began his career as an assistant director on the Tamil feature film "Oru Naal Iravil." Volunteering during the Chennai floods of 2015 connected him with several local nonprofits, which in turn sparked his interest in documentaries. After that, he made short documentaries on demonetization in India and schizophrenia in collaboration with nonprofits. He was the first assistant director in the acclaimed Amazon Prime documentary series 'Harmony with A.R. Rahman.' 'Amma's Pride' is his first independent documentary short, and he hopes to direct narrative films soon.

    Amma's Pride
    Shiva Krish, portret gościa
  • Eliza Kubarska

    Polish director, artist and mountaineer. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and the Wajda School in Warsaw. The director of internationally awarded documentaries, whose premieres and screenings took place at prestigious festivals from Hot Docs and LA Film Festival, to IDFA, Visions du Réel and the Krakow Film Festival. She has collaborated with ARTE, ZDF and HBO television. Author of such films as ‘Badjao. Ghosts from the Sea' (jury prize at Hot Docs), “Wall of Shadows” (winner of 30 international awards, including the Zürcher Filmpreis for best director) and “The Last Expedition”. In 2023, she received the Grand Prix of the International Alliance of Mountain Film Festivals for outstanding achievement in filmmaking. She has participated in expeditions to the Karakorum, Himalayas, Greenland and the High Atlas Mountains, among others.

    The Last Expedition
    Eliza Kubarska, portret gościa
  • Igor Kuna

    He was born in 2002 in Warsaw. Since childhood, he has shown artistic interests, from drawing, photography in particular analogue photography, to films recorded with various techniques. He combined his passions with his studies - in 2019 he graduated from the Film High School and then, from October 2021, he started studying at the Warsaw Film School, majoring in cinematography. Currently he is a second-year student committed to gaining knowledge and skills in the field of cinematic storytelling with images. At this stage of his studies, he is fascinated by the specifics of documentary filmmaking.

    In My Hands
    Igor Kuna, portret gościa
  • Askold Kurov

    Born in Uzbekistan in 1974, now based in Turkey. In 2010 took a degree in documentary filmmaking at the Marina Razbezhkina Film School in Moscow. In 2012 he was "one of the directors of the award-winning documentary "Winter, Go Away!". His next films "Leninland", "Children 404" and "The Trial: The State of Russia vs Oleg Sentsov» also won critical acclaim and screened at numerous festivals. His work focuses on human rights issues and social conflicts in contemporary Russia.

    Of Caravan and The Dogs
    Askold Kurov, portret gościa
  • Julia Lewis

  • Andrii Lytvynenko

    Film director and producer. He graduated from the Kiev National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television named after I. K. Karpenko-Kary and the Documentary Studio at the Wajda School. He is the director of the documentaries ‘Fantastic Ukrainians. Fine Art' (2020) and “Askania Reserve” (2019), which received awards from the UA Docudays and Pelicam festivals. He is the co-author and one of the co-directors of the film ‘Euromaidan. Rough Cut' (2014), which won a Special Mention at the Ji.hlava IFFD, as well as a Ukrainian producer and one of the authors of the idea for ’Trial: Russian Federation vs. Oleg Sencov' (2017) by Askold Kurov.

    Everything Needs to Live
  • Michele Mellara

    Director of documentary films. He has been working together with Alessandro Rossi in a strong artistic partnership for about twenty years. In 2003, they began their original journey in documentary cinema. "Domà case a San Pietroburgo" (2003); "Un metro sotto i pesci" (2006); "Le vie dei farmaci" (2007); "La febbre del fare" (2010); "God save the green" (2012); "Morris Bag" (2013). Their films received major awards and recognition at numerous festivals both in Italy and abroad. Their documentaries have been broadcast worldwide by television stations in over 50 countries.

    Berchidda Live - A Journey Into Time in Jazz Archive
    Michele Mellara, portret gościa
  • Zarja Menart

    A director, animator, illustrator and art director. She has been working side by side with Spela Cadez for a decade, revitalising the animation technique of multiplane cut-out as the main animator on Cadez' multi award-winning films "Nighthawk" and "Steakhouse". The short animated film "Three Birds" is her directorial debut film.

    Three Birds
    Zarja Menart, portret gościa
  • Giovanni Merlini

    A co-founder of Giungla Collective, a cultural association that has been involved in producing short films and music videos since 2018, as well as organizing cinema-related events, including the Pirate Cinema Party. In 2022, he directed the short film "Talafì," and in 2023, he won the Ugo Adilardi Special Mention at the Zavattini Award for the "Forza e Coraggio" project. He is currently working on his first feature film.

    Force and Courage, Rise and Decline of an Italian Football Club
    Giovanni Merlini, portret gościa
  • Piotr Milczarek

    He was born in 1977 in Łódź. He studied animation and special effects at the Film School in Łódź, where he currently works as an assistant. He has directed etudes such as "Komiks," "Wojna światów," "Pan Pan," and "Karaluch." He is a co-author of the script for "Moonshine" by Michał Poniedzielski, worked on the award-winning "Świtez" by Kamil Polak (screenplay, artistic work), and also as an animator on films such as "Miasto płynie" by Balbina Bruszewska and "Radostki" by Magdalena Osińska. He works on storyboards for commercials.

    There Will Be No Other End
    Piotr Milczarek, portret gościa
  • Ohad Milstein

    An award winning Israeli documentary filmmaker. He teaches cinema at Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem and lives in Tel Aviv. His films are studies of narrative structure powered by a strong visual component and cinematic expression that examine the boundaries of documentary filmmaking. “Summer Nights” (2021) won the Israeli Academy Award - Best Documentary and the First Prize of DocAviv Film Festival, Tel Aviv. Other cinematic works include: “Knock on the door” (2023), “Flood” (2018), “Week 23” (2016), “Planets” (2014), "Systema" (2010) "Obsession" (2008).

    Ohad Milstein, portret gościa
  • Michalina Musialik

    Animator and animated film director. She was born in 1994 in Silesia. She is a graduate of the Cinematography Department of the Film School in Łódź with a degree in Animated Film and Special Effects. She has collaborated with such animated film studios as Yellow Tapir Films, Animapol, Fumi Studio or Letko. She has worked as an educator at the Museum of Cinematography in Łódź organising animation workshops for children and museum lessons in film history. She is involved in animation, storyboarding and artwork. Her graduation film and debut 'Dog's Field' won the Silver Hobby-Horse at the Krakow Film Festival and was presented at many international festivals around the world.

    Nutcracker Girl
    Michalina Musialik, portret gościa
  • Lika Nadir

    Short film director, born in the south of Ukraine in 1996, known also for making music videos, clips, and performances. She studied at the Moscow School of New Cinema, workshop by Dmitry Mamulia. Her short film "The Human Child" (2020) was presented and awarded at film festivals in the USA, England, Canada and Europe. The second short, "Captive" is based on the memories of the war crimes of Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

    Lika Nadir, portret gościa
  • Diana Nicolae

    A Romanian-born filmmaker based in Princeton, NJ. Her passion for uncovering neglected stories has guided her from TV news to BBC radio to documentary film. She has delved into topics as diverse as abuse in Communist-era prisons, intellectual migration from Eastern Europe, and a group of camera-shy nuns attempting to maintain traditions in a monastery that is one of Romania's most visited tourist attractions. Her films have screened at film festivals worldwide, and been broadcast on public television in the United States.

    Between Silence and Sin
    Diana Nicolae, portret gościa
  • Dragoș Olaru

  • Emilia Ondriasova

    She first earned a Master's degree in Marketing Communication, which naturally led her to directing commercials. She also studied filmmaking at the EFC in Denmark and directing documentaries at the NFTS in London. As a current student of Directing Fiction at FTF VŠMU, she likes to explore themes of loneliness and anxiety as well as the complexities of family relationships. On her last film "This Peculiar Day" she worked as a director, co-writer, and editor.

    This Peculiar Day
    Emilia Ondriasova, portret gościa
  • Cezary Orłowski

    Director of short films and creator of theatrical forms. He was born in 2001 in Police near Szczecin (Poland). He grew up behind the scenes of theatres, which shaped his view of the world. He studied Theatre Knowledge at the Theatre Academy in Warsaw and is currently studying directing at the Warsaw Film School. He is passionate about bringing history to life and constantly searching for a world where no one has been before.

    Here For You
    Cezary Orłowski, portret gościa
  • Gleb Osatinski

    The director and screenwriter lives in New York City and is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Arts. A director of seven award-winning short films, he was a participant in the Lighthouse Selections at T-Port Market in 2021. He is also a recipient of the 2020 Katherina Otto-Bernstein grant at Columbia University and of a 2021 Fiscal Sponsorship at The Gotham Film & Media Institute for his film Resentment. Resentment premiered at Berlinale, 2024 and received Best Short Award at Vilnius International Film Festival, 2024.

    Gleb Osatinski, portret gościa
  • Macha Ovtchinnikova

    Filmmaker, visual artist of Ukrainian-Jewish descent. Her work is inspired by the heroic and tragic stories that shaped her childhood: the struggle of the people in the socialist revolution and the tragedy of the Jews. She mixes a documentary approach, visual arts and fiction, creating a very powerful mise-en-scène. She is a professor of Contemporary Cinema history & aesthetics at the University of Strasbourg, France. Her filmography includes "The Scar of the Earth" (documentary essay, 11', 2020), "My Russian 90's" (documentary, 90', 2021).

    Red Emma
    Macha Ovtchinnikova, portret gościa
  • Grzegorz Pacek

    Esteemed Polish director and screenwriter. In 1996 he graduated in directing from the Film School in Łódź. He became famous as a creator of documentaries. His film "Such Is My Karma" (2000), depicting a group of children from a poor district of Warsaw, received the Golden Hobby-Horse award, the highest distinction of the Krakow Film Festival in 2001. His documentary films were showcased at numerous festivals, including in Berlin, Cape Town, and Amsterdam. In 2007, he directed his first feature film "Wednesday, Thursday Morning". His film "Dad Went Fishing" was the only Polish production in the main program at Biarritz, one of the most influential global festivals promoting audiovisual productions.

    The Peter Plan
    Grzegorz Pacek, portret gościa
  • Mateusz Pacewicz

    An award-winning filmmaker and scriptwriter. He was born in 1992. He made his debut in 2019 as the screenwriter of the film "Corpus Christi" (dir. Jan Komasa), which was nominated for an Oscar for Best International Feature Film and for five categories at the European Film Awards, including Best Screenplay. His second film, "The Hater" (also directed by Jan Komasa), won the award for Best International Film at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival. He is also a co-author of the script and co-director of the short film "Skwar" which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017.

    Stimulants & Empathogens
    Mateusz Pacewicz, portret gościa
  • Nahid Persson

    Born in Shiraz, Iran in 1960, Nahid Persson Sarvestani took political asylum in Sweden after the 1979 revolution in Iran. Her social-political films have won her over 30 awards. In 2006 Nahid was arrested in Iran for her critical depiction of women under the Islamic Republic regime. Her previous feature "The Queen and I" (2009) was the most seen documentary in Sweden in 2009. Her filmography includes also: "My Stolen Revolution" (2013), "Anders, jag och hans 23 andra kvinnor" (2018), "Be My Voice" (2021), "Son of the Mullah" (2023).

    Son of the Mullah
    Nahid Persson, portret gościa
  • Martyna Peszko

    Actress, director, yoga instructor. A graduate of the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow. She studied at the Conservatoire National d’Art Dramatique in Paris, Lee Strasberg Institute in New York, and Philosophy Department at the University of Warsaw. She completed the directing course DOK PRO at the Wajda School in Warsaw. Her directorial debut was the documentary film "Tell Me Something Else," which premiered at the Krakow Film Festival in 2020. In 2022, her next film "Revolution 21" had its world premiere at Dok Leipzig.

    Crazy Love
    Martyna Peszko, portret gościa
  • Jacek Petrycki

    Director of photography and producer of feature movies, documentaries and teleplays, born 1948 in Poznań. The winner of BAFTA award for cinematography of the film "The Betrayed" and many foreign and Polish awards. Director of photography of some of the most famous documentaries of the 70’s: "Curriculum Vitae" and "Hospital" by Krzysztof Kieślowski, "How to live" and "Microphone Check" by Marcel Łoziński, and other documentary filmmakers. Petrycki is also a director of photography of the films of so called Cinema of Moral Anxiety trend, e.g.: "The calm" and "Camera Buff" by Krzysztof Kieślowski, "Provincial actors" and "A Lonely Woman" by Agnieszka Holland.

    The Return of Agnieszka H.
    director of photography
    / Benek Blues / First Love / Practice Exercises / Such a Place / The Microphone Test
    Jacek Petrycki, portret gościa
  • Gracjana Piechula

    Student of directing at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School in Katowice, graduate of philosophy at the University of Silesia. In 2016, she embarked on a year-long hitchhiking trip to Asia and Australia. Her previous films, „Gniazdo" and „Dzieci i ryby", were in the official selection of Polish and international festivals, including the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, Camerimage, the Two Shores Film and Art Festival, and were awarded at the CK OFF Festival of Independent Cinema and the ŻUBROFFKA International Short Film Festival, among others. What he appreciates most about being a director is that every experience and observation can result in creative inspiration.

    Honey Bunny
    Gracjana Piechula, portret gościa
  • Marcin Podolec

    Comic creator and director of animated films, born in 1991. A graduate and lecturer at the Łódź Film School, founder of the animation studio Yellow Tapir Films. He has presented his films at festivals including in Clermont-Ferrand, Leipzig, Athens, Sao Paulo, and Poitiers. He made his comic debut in 2010 and has since published several albums in Poland and abroad. His filmography includes: "A Documentary Film" (2015), "The Gentle Giant" (2016), "Colaholic" (2018), "Insect" (2021).

    Marcin Podolec, portret gościa
  • Mary Posatko

    Film director. Her debut 'All Fall Down' received the IDA Pare Lorenz Award and support from Chicken and Egg Pictures, the San Francisco Film Society, and IFP, and premiered in competition at CPH:DOX. She produced 'Ain't in It For My Health', theatrically released by Kino Lorber and shown at SXSW and IDFA, among others. Originally from Delaware, Mary received her BA in History from Brown University and her MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. She is assistant professor and the head of documentary film at San Diego State University, and lives in South Pasadena with her husband and two sons.

    In a Wintry Season
    Mary Posatko, portret gościa
  • Jakub Pruski

  • Thomas Purdy

  • Botond Püsök

    Film director, born in Romania, Transylvania. Graduated in documentary film directing from the University of Theatre and Film Arts, SZFE Budapest. In 2016 he won the best director award for his short documentary "Angela" at the Astra International Film Festival and DocuArt Film Festival.

    Too Close
    Botond Püsök, portret gościa
  • Nie Qiao

  • Ana Costa Ribeiro

    Independent artist, filmmaker and writer. PhD in Contemporary Art and Culture from Rio de Janeiro State University and Master of Fine Arts in Cinema from San Francisco State University. Held 02 solo exhibitions: HOME IS WHEN WE COME BACK and BEYOND THE FUSION POINT. Directed 07 short films, including ARPOADOR, and 05 documentary series, including EDUCATION AND SOCIETY IN BRAZIL. Collaborated with several directors as editor on feature films, short films, documentary series and video installations. Texts published in Brazil and Portugal. THERMODILECTRIC is her first feature film as a director.

    Ana Costa Ribeiro, portret gościa
  • Lauro Rocha

  • Sylwia Rosak

    Full-time director and screenwriter. Master of Directing at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School. A recipient of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship. She gained experience working with Oscar nominees such as Bartosz Konopka and Aneta Kopacz. Her short films successfully made it to international festivals. In 2019, she received the HBO Award for the film project "Lili" at the pitching event "Doc Lab Poland_Docs To Start" during the 59th Krakow Film Festival. Since 2021, she has been directing two television series for major Polish broadcasters ("Przyjaciółki" – Polsat, "Barwy Szczęścia" – TVP).

    Sylwia Rosak, portret gościa
  • Alessandro Rossi

    Director of documentary films. He has been working together with Michele Mellara in a strong artistic partnership for about twenty years. In 2003, they began their original journey in documentary cinema. "Domà case a San Pietroburgo" (2003); "Un metro sotto i pesci" (2006); "Le vie dei farmaci" (2007); "La febbre del fare" (2010); "God save the green" (2012); "Morris Bag" (2013). Their films received major awards and recognition at numerous festivals both in Italy and abroad. Their documentaries have been broadcast worldwide by television stations in over 50 countries.

    Berchidda Live - A Journey Into Time in Jazz Archive
    Alessandro Rossi, portret gościa
  • Joanna Rusinek

    She was born in 1978 in Krakow. She studied at the Teacher Training College of Foreign Languages at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and at the Graphic Arts Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, which she completed in 2006 in the animated film studio of Prof. Jerzy Kuci, where she realized her diploma film "Przypadek." The film received the Jury Award at the Ofafa Festival in Krakow in 2006 and was awarded a distinction at the Animateka International Animation Film Festival in Ljubljana in 2007. During her studies, she went on a four-month scholarship to the Ecole Estienne in Paris as part of the Sokrates - Erasmus scholarship program. She co-created the cycle of animated programs "Retoryka Poranna czyli poradnik nie tylko językowy" broadcasted on TVP in 2006/2007. In 2011, she co-directed "Zabawki Cesarza", a documentary film with animated elements, which was created as part of the First Document program.

    Joanna Rusinek, portret gościa
  • Apolena Rychlíková

    A Czech documentary film director, student at Documentary Film Department at FAMU, Prague. She was born in 1989 in Brno. Her film debut 'Hájek na zámku, Petr v podzámčí' (2011) was awarded by Karel Vachek Anime award. In 2017, her documentary 'The Limits of Work' received an Audience Award and Best Czech Documentary Film Award at International Documentary Film Festival Ji.hlava (Czech Republic).

    Limits of Europe
    Apolena Rychlíková, portret gościa
  • Julia Sadowska

    Born in 1996 in Warsaw and grew up in the southeast of England. At the age of 21, she began studying Directing at the Film School in Łódź. To date, she has directed 5 short films that explore themes of identity, echoing the duality of nationality and the need for self-definition. Her penultimate film premiered at the Gdynia Film Festival.

    Comme Des Cowboys
    Julia Sadowska, portret gościa
  • Konradin Schuchter

    Born in Austria. He studied philosophy, economics and journalism in Vienna. During his studies, he worked in various areas of film production and as a freelance journalist. Since autumn 2021, he has been studying Documentary Film and Television Journalism at the University of Television and Film Munich.

    Konradin Schuchter, portret gościa
  • Corina Schwingruber Ilić

    Director of multiple short documentaries. Her award-winning short ALL INCLUSIVE was selected at over 250 festivals such as Venice, TIFF & Sundance. Her first feature documentary DIDA (co-directed with Nikola Ilić) premiered at Visions du Réel and won the audience award in Dok Leipzig. Member of the Swiss & European Film Academy.

    Been There
    Corina Schwingruber Ilić, portret gościa
  • Magdalena Sienicka

    Graduate of the SWPS University in Warsaw, majoring in Social Psychology and Cultural Studies. She has participated in numerous film workshops such as DOK-PRO at the Wajda School, storytelling and film image analysis at the Spekaers' Avenue Film School, Warsaw Next for young filmmakers and the IMPAKT programme organised by the Władysław Ślesicki Film Foundation. So far, she has made several short films on the borderline of reportage and documentary. Her debut was the film ‘Cinderella’, about a young girl full of dreams, just out of ballet school. The documentary ‘How to become a doula’, showed four heroines from different parts of Poland who want to emotionally support pregnant women. A film about ‘Amazons’ presented a group of women who, despite traumatic life experiences and older age, are active and want to enjoy life. She has also made several workshop films.

    Do You Hear Me?
    Magdalena Sienicka, portret gościa
  • Toms Šķēle

    A cinematographer and filmmaker based in Riga, Latvia. He holds Fine Arts MA in Cinematography. He has shot documentary and fiction projects in Latvia, Estonia, Serbia, Ireland, Hungary, France, Italy and USA. The third feature film shot by Toms will released in 2024. Since 2019 he’s been directing music videos and his director's debut short film was released in 2023. In 2024 will premiere short documentary essay "Blank Page Syndrome", shot and co-directed with Jānis Ābele as well as several feature length documentaries.

    Blank Page Syndrome
    Toms Šķēle, portret gościa
  • Antanas Skučas

    A film director and data artist, lecturer at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Since 2005 he has been working in animation. His debut animation short “Childhood Diary” (2009) was awarded by the Lithuanian Silver Crane Award. In 2015 he established a film production company “Tylus kinas”. Also works with new media, XR, VR, AR, AI.

    Antanas Skučas, portret gościa
  • Dorota Skupniewicz

    Film director living in Belfast (Northern Ireland). She grew up during the onset of brutal capitalism in Poland, following the change of system in the country. This had a profound impact on her overall worldview and creative output. Throughout most of her life, she has been involved in activities advocating for human rights and the planet. She is a graduate of Animation at the University of Arts in Poznań. She is affiliated with the organization IDHA NYC.

    And Don't Call Me Crazy
    Dorota Skupniewicz, portret gościa
  • Tomer Slutzky

    A documentary director and cinematographer. His debut film "Bronca!" received an honorable mention in Haifa Film Festival 2022, had an international premiere in Warsaw Film Festival and won the script award in Trieste Latin American Film Festival.

    Jews by Choice
    Tomer Slutzky, portret gościa
  • András Soós

  • Olga Stalev

    Stop motion director, animator, and prop maker, born in 1989. After graduating school in 2008, she began her studies in Estonian Academy of Arts, where she earned her bachelor's degree in Animation. During her study she also was an Erasmus student in FAMU, Czech republic. In 2012 she started her stop motion career at Nukufilm studio, first as prop- and puppet maker and then as animator. In early 2018 she was invited to work on “Vanamehe Film” feature project at BOP animation studio. Since 2016, Olga has been teaching stop motion animation at Estonian Academy of Arts.

    The Shadow of Dawn
    Olga Stalev, portret gościa
  • Markus Stein

    Born in 1965, Markus Stein worked as a camera assistant and assistant director before studying directing at the Polish Film School in Łódź. He went on to work as a director, screenwriter, DOP and editor on numerous documentaries and feature films. The people portrayed are at the centre of the formal decisions in his work. Subjects, themes and genres are therefore diverse. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

    Baldiga - Unlocked Heart
    Markus Stein, portret gościa
  • Greta Stocklassa

    Film director born Czechia, but comes from Czech-Swedish family. In 2013 she started studying at the Documentary department of FAMU in Prague. Her film "The Still Life of Vera" was premiered at Short Joy at IDFF Jihlava and screened at Vision du Réel, Neisse Film Fest or DOK. fest München and was shortlisted to the Czech student film prize Magnesia Award (Czech Lions). The main theme of her films is identity. She works with stylization and fine formal visualization, her films are balancing on the edge of documentary, fiction and experiment.

    Buzz of the Earth
    Greta Stocklassa, portret gościa
  • Marija Stojnic

  • Marcin Strauchold

    Born in 1989 in Wrocław. Graduated in Spanish philology from Wrocław University and in directing from the Film School in Łódź. Currently, a doctoral student at the School. 'Kuba' is his feature-length documentary debut.

    Marcin Strauchold, portret gościa
  • Konrad Szołajski

    Director, screenwriter, film producer, university lecturer. He graduated in film directing from Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School in Katowice. He also studied at National Film and Television School (NFTS) in England and upon returning, he focused on feature films. In 2005, he founded ZK Studio, producing documentary films in collaboration with television broadcasters from across Europe. With humor, often satirically, he depicts changes in social norms and national complexes. In his etude (under the supervision of K. Kieślowski) "Dziennikarze '82" he filmed behind the scenes of the TVP news program during martial law; in "The Battle With Satan" he depicted violence used by priests against exorcised teenagers. After 2015, he made films about the political situation during the rule of PiS.

    Putin's Playground
    Konrad Szołajski, portret gościa
  • Kacper Świtalski

    Director and producer. In 2021, his film "Lila" won the competition at the New Horizons Festival in Wrocław. A year later, together with Dominika Trybulec, he founded Studio Akita, where they jointly create film productions. In addition to filmmaking, Kacper is involved in research on the creative economy at SWPS University.

    Tiger Soup
    Kacper Świtalski, portret gościa
  • Caroline von der Tann

    Author and director based in Munich and Naples, focuses on biographical storytelling encompassing history, religion, and politics. Initially a freelance journalist and director for various German TV stations, she gained recognition with her ARD film "The Big Silence - Brothels in Concentration Camps," nominated for the "Prix Europa" in 1995. Her film "Where Were You the Last Man to See Hitler?" received the Jury Special Mention Award at the "European Independent Film Festival" Recent works include "Province for Beginners" (arte.tv, 2021) and "Strife on Italian Beaches" (Arte 2022).

    The Gospel according to Ciretta
    Caroline von der Tann, portret gościa
  • Isabela Tent

    Having pursued studies in film directing and journalism, Isabela embarked on her professional journey in the realm of cinema, initially serving as an assistant director. Collaborating with esteemed figures in Romanian cinema, Isabela honed her skills and gained invaluable experience. It was her unique perspective on reality and an unwavering passion for storytelling that ignited her deep love for the art of documentary filmmaking. Fueled by a desire to explore non-classical approaches to documentary storytelling, she made a deliberate choice to embark on the journey of her first feature film.

    Alice On & Off
    Isabela Tent, portret gościa
  • Catalina Tesar

    An anthropologist specializing in Roma culture. She works as a researcher at the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Bucharest. She earned her PhD from the University College London, with a thesis about the economic, sexual and political dimensions of marital alliances among Cortorari Transylvanian Roma. "The Chalice. Of Sons and Daughters" is based on her PhD research. Cătălina received a Fejos Postdoctoral Fellowship of the Wenner Gren Foundation US to help filming on “The Chalice”. The film is her debut documentary.

    The Chalice. Of Sons and Daughters
    Catalina Tesar, portret gościa
  • Zofia Tomalska

    She was born in 1999. Graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (2018-2023). She completed her diploma with honours in 2023 in the Animated Film Studio under the direction of Dr. Robert Sowa. Set and costume designer, she made her debut in 2023 at the Stary Theatre in Kraków in the play "Magnetyzm serca", directed by Kalina Jagoda Debska. Also in 2023, she debuted with her own collection, Barokada, during Krakow Fashion Week.

    Me, Monster
    Zofia Tomalska, portret gościa
  • Aliaksandr Tsymbaliuk

    He is 35 years old, born and raised in Pinsk, Belarus. He graduated from the Cinematography Department of the Film School in Łódź. He has taken part in various documentary and feature film projects. Documentary films became his passion, so he focused on developing as a cinematographer and documentary director. His last big project, in which he was one of the cinematographers, is the film "Queendom", directed by Agnia Galdanova. 'Koka' is his directing debut.

    Aliaksandr Tsymbaliuk, portret gościa
  • Shoghakat Vardanyan

    Shoghakat Vardanyan, portret gościa
  • Miguel Morillo Vega

    He has a degree in documentary filmmaking. Since he graduated in 2017 in ESCAC (University of Barcelona), he has worked on projects as acting director in films such as 'La última virgen', which won the best short film prize at the “Festival de Cine de Málaga” and the “Premios Gaudí”. After to the success of this film, Miguel had the opportunity to develop and produce his first feature film during the last 5 years.

    Cyborg Generation
    Miguel Morillo Vega, portret gościa
  • Tomasz Wolski

    Film director, producer, screenwriter, cinematographer and editor. He was born in 1977. He is a graduate of Journalism at the Jagiellonian University and of a documentary course from the Wajda School. He has taken part in the Berlinale Talent Campus and the Berlin Today Award. He has made several documentaries, which include The Clinic (2006), "The Lucky Ones" (2009), "Doctors" (2011), "The Palace" (2012), "Not for Everyone" (2012), "Festival" (2017) and "An Ordinary Country" (2020, the winner of the Golden Hobby Horse at the 60KFF). As a editor he has worked with Sergei Loznitsa on his documentaries "Babi Yar. Context" and "The Kiev Trial". He is a co-director (with Piotr Pawlus) of "In Ukraine" which premiered at Berlinale in 2023. A member of the Polish Filmmakers Association, Polish and European Film Academies, and since 2024, a member of the Council of the Polish Film Institute.

    A Year in the Life of the Country
    Tomasz Wolski, portret gościa
  • Edyta Wróblewska

    Director, producer, graduate of the Wajda School, Camerimage Film School and Berlinale Talent Campus, doctoral student at the Film School in Łódź. Author of documentaries (‘PRL de Luxe’, ‘Ala z Elementarza’, ‘Małe instrumenty'), shown at many international film festivals in Poland and around the world, which have won, among others, the Silver Warsaw Phoenix, FICC Don Quixote, Aye-Aye IFF and Chicago Movies & Music Festival awards. Director of a short feature film entitled: ‘The Road’ and a play entitled: ‘Mulholland Drive/Diane’. Author and lecturer of film directing programs for young people: Film Kindergarten and First Film, member of the Polish Film Academy.

    When Harmattan Blows
    Edyta Wróblewska, portret gościa
  • Piotr Wysocki

    Visual artist and film director. He creates films and video installations, as well as organises artistic workshops and actions in public spaces. His main field of activity comprises complex projects at the intersection of art and documentary film, which serve him as a tool for understanding human issues and presenting them in the context of political, social, and existential conditions. He has participated in dozens of solo and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. A recipient of numerous awards, he is a grantee of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. In 2009, he was nominated for the Passport of "Polityka" (visual arts). A finalist of the Views 2011 competition organised by the Deutsche Bank Foundation and the Zachęta – National Gallery of Art in Warsaw. He lives and works in Warsaw.

    Piotr Wysocki, portret gościa
  • Ivan Zahínos

    For over 10 years, he has produced and co-written documentaries in Africa and Europe that have received national and international recognitions, highlighting the Goya 2023 as producer of “Maldita. A Love Song to Sarajevo”. His debut documentary film as a director, “Don Benjamín”, is based on key themes of his cinematographic vision: the inhospitable realities and the people who live in them, which help him to understand and explain the world, art as a mestizo territory, and image as an exercise of visual poetry.

    Don Benjamín
    Ivan Zahínos, portret gościa
  • Oliwia Zakrzewska

    She was born in 1998 in Lublin. A mother and director, a student at the Warsaw Film School, and a member of the Lublin Film Association. She directed the short film "Przyzwyczailiśmy się do cudów" (2022) and the documentary "NO CONNECT" (2022).

    Oliwia Zakrzewska, portret gościa
  • Agnieszka Zwiefka

    Agnieszka Zwiefka is an award-winning filmmaker. Her films „The Queen of Silence“ (2014) and „Scars” (2020) were screened at festivals worldwide. In her films she balances between reality and fantasy, creating hybrids that cross the border between documentary and fiction. Member of European Film Academy (EFA). Alumna of workshops Dok.Incubator, ScripTeast, Nipkow Programme and Berlinale Talents as well as Meryl Streep’s and Nicole Kidman’s The Writers Lab.

    Silent Trees
    Agnieszka Zwiefka, portret gościa
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