Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man

USA2005documentary104'Dźwięki muzyki (2017)Dźwięki muzyki. Nieśmiertelni (2023)

The recording of the concert “Came So Far for Beauty” held in Sydney in 2005 becomes a pretext to tell the story of the artist’s life. Cohen’s portrayal is made of his remarks about his career, work or women as well as the moments when music speaks for him. Nick Cave, Rufus Wainwright, Jarvis Cocker and Antony perform on stage together with the artist and the culmination of the film is the song Tower of Songs performed together with Bono & U2.

directed by
Lian Lunson

Geoff Hall, John Pirozzi
Mike Cahill
Lian Lunson, Mel Gibson, Bruce Davey
Kadr z filmu Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man