Affairs of the Art

United Kingdom, Canada2021animated16'Konkurs krótkometrażowy (2021)Short Matters! Krótkie filmy roku (2023)

A little girl fascinated by worms, a boy fascinated by nails, grandma making an endless supply of preserves, in ‘Affairs of the Art’ everyone seems to be a freak of a kind. The narrator thinks she is the only normal person in her crazy family. Is that really true? The animation uses black humour to show, in an exaggerated way, our obsessions and persistent pursuit of our dreams. In a distorted mirror, it exposes the process of art creation and tapping into one’s reserves of creativity. EFA nominee at the Valladolid International Film Festival

directed by
Joanna Quinn, portret reżysera
Joanna Quinn

Film director and animator She comes from the United Kingdom. She completed an art course at Goldsmiths College at the University of London and a programme in Graphic Design at Middlesex University. Her first film “Girls Night Out” (1987) has won three main awards at Annecy. She has also received 90 major animated film awards, including an Emmy, Baftas and two Oscar nominations for “Famous Fred” (1998) and “The Wife of Bath” (1999). She holds lectures and practical workshops at the most important universities in the UK and abroad. Her latest picture, "Affairs of the Art", has won the best animation award at the festival in Clermont Ferrand.

Les Mills
animated by
Joanna Quinn, James Nutting
Benjamin Talbott of John Hardy Music
Mia Rose Goddard
Les Mills (Beryl Productions International), Michael Fukushima (National Film Board Of Canada)
Kadr z filmu Affairs of the Art