Dreaming Arizona

Denmark, Estonia, Norway2022documentary76'Międzynarodowy konkurs dokumentalny (2023)

‘A documentary fantasy played out by real people,’ – is how the director described his film bordering on observation and creation, cinema and theatre. The protagonists are five secondary school students from a town in Arizona and the main theme involves feelings, traumas and dreams of these young people revealed before the camera and on stage. The result is a unique film hybrid, deeply rooted in the place where growing up is marked by insufficiency, violence, environmental degradation and the memory of native residents. At the same time, the picture is a visual masterwork saturated with poetic imagery.

directed by
Jon Bang Carlsen, portret reżysera
Jon Bang Carlsen

Jon Bang Carlsen was born in 1950 in Denmark. He graduated from the Danish Film School in 1976, and has since written and directed more than forty films - both documentaries and feature films. Jon Bang Carlsen’s signature hybrid style combines documentary and fictional interpretations, and many of his documentaries are visually and symbolically powerful, often staged portraits of marginal figures and milieus.

Erik Põllumaa
Jon Bang Carlsen
Sten Sheripov
Håkon Lammetun
Francesc Sitges-Sardà, Nicolas Nørgaard Staffonlani
Heidi Elise Christensen, Signe Byrge Sørensen (Final Cut for Real)
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