Budding Humans

Norway, Sweden2022documentary70'Docs+Science (2023)

Balder and Haakon arrived at our planet just two years ago. They find it difficult to move around it. The social norms applied are not clear for them and the place has been beset by waves of emotions which are hard to express. These two creatures have a long way to go. A Norwegian documentarian spent one year observing them. She undertook the impossible task of answering the following questions: When does an autonomous creature turn into a social animal? When does the network of interactions become so dense that one may no longer liberate oneself from it? To what extent is human legacy determined by genes and to what extent by culture?

directed by
Gunhild Westhagen Magnor, portret reżysera
Gunhild Westhagen Magnor

Award-winning director and cinematographer Gunhild Westhagen Magnor’s main focus is human relation documentaries. She studied film at The Surrey Institute of Art and Design.Her feature documentary, ,,The Optimists", won several awardsand achievednational and international success (Nordisk Panorama: Audience Award 2014, The AOK Award, The Norwegian International Film Festival: The Ray of Sunshine, Best Feature-length Documentary, among others)

Gunhild Asting
Akira Kosemura
Stefan Sundlöf
Helen Prestgard (Sant & Usant)
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