Here Lions Once Roared

France2022documentary66'Docs+Science (2023)

No paradise has ever existed, not even in the sun-kissed region of Southern France. Everywhere where human and non-human lives met, the reality needed to become the subject of never-ending negotiations. The vectors of interests pointed to very different directions. With an anthropological insight, French documentarians capture the reconstruction of events from almost half a million years ago being acted out over a river near Tautavel. In the remote past, a subspecies of Homo erectus participated in them, while today the performance features Homo sapiens.

directed by
Jean-Baptiste Bonnet, portret reżysera
Jean-Baptiste Bonnet

Graduated in photography, Jean-Baptiste Bonnet has been the cinematographer of a dozen creative documentaries broadcast by Arte & France Télévisions, among others. In 2018 he directed Zones, a short fiction film broadcast and awarded in several festivals. In 2021, he produced and directed Here lions once roared, a documentary broadcast by France Televisions, and acclaimed by the critics. He is now working both as a director and producer, at the head of the French company Habilis Productions.

Laurine Estrade, portret reżysera
Laurine Estrade

Jean-Baptiste Bonnet
Laurine Estrade, Jean-Baptiste Bonnet
Diego Tosi, Alexander Vert
François Sculier
Jean-Baptiste Bonnet (Habilis Productions)
Kadr z filmu Here Lions Once Roared