One In a Million

Germany2022documentary84'Kids&Youth. Kino dla młodych (2023)

Whitney from the US and Yara from Germany are divided by an ocean but connected by the Internet and their passion for gymnastics. The former seems to have an idea for her life as she develops her sporting career combining it with her presence in the social media and singing. The latter is her fan and, above all, a regular teenager looking for her own path in life. The director shows the girls in different situations, during training, YouTube video recording or while meeting friends in their free time, which enables the viewers to get to know and understand them better.

directed by
Joya Thome, portret reżysera
Joya Thome

Lydia Richter
Lydia Richter, Joya Thome, Philipp Wunderlich
Philipp Milner
Jamin Benazzouz
Katharina Bergfeld, Martin Heisler (Flare Film)
Kadr z filmu One In a Million