Goodbye My Wonderful World

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The film title alludes to a traditional Polish mourning song whose new arrangement was included on the album ‘Rzeczy ostatnie’ recorded by the band Polskie Znaki. The project aimed to dust off folk music, which for centuries had put people at ease with regard to death before it became a taboo subject in modern culture. A story about the creation of this album becomes a poem about passing and death. The protagonists help others to pass away and to experience bereavement. They are accompanied by village singers, professional musicians and pop stars. Life has added an unexpected epilogue to this story.

directed by
Joo Joostberens, portret reżysera
Joo Joostberens

Joo Joostberens is a Film Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Motion Graphic Editor and Scriptwriter. He is a postgraduate student at the Warsaw Film School, MA Directing Programme. He started out as a creator of advertising films and reports for international TV stations. He co-created a documentary about the Gdańsk Shipyard "Gdańsk Shipyard". He is also Director of Photography of Polish-French-American production "I am Max" (2022), a documentary about the first international movie star - Max Linder. The documentary "Goodbye My Wonderful World" (2023) is the Director's debut movie.

Joo Joostberens
Joo Joostberens
Janusz Zdunek, Radek Łukasiewicz, Jarek Ważny
Joo Joostberens
Aia Asé, Joo Joostberens (Aia Asé Pictures)
Kadr z filmu Goodbye My Wonderful World