Happy Ending

USA, Cambodia2022fiction17'Międzynarodowy konkurs krótkometrażowy (2023)

A secret from the past combined with the drudgery of everyday life in the company of sweating machos and patronising managers may turn out to be an explosive mixture worthy of Park Chan-wook’s cinema of vengeance and passion. But the film was made by young debutante Élodie Yung, who invites us for a ‘full body massage’ to a parlour where a young Cambodian immigrant is trying to earn money for a better life for herself and her family. Obviously, it is not her dream job and the clients can be excessively fussy. How long can you accept their demands, peevishness, quips, comments and ‘inappropriate’ requests? In this inciteful satire, drama is intertwined with poignancy and revenge has a spicy flavour.

directed by
Élodie Yung, portret reżysera
Élodie Yung

"Happy Ending" is Elodie Yung’s directorial debut. Elodie has made her career as an actress. She has a degree in Law and trained at the London Academy Of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA)

Alan Caudillo
Jonathan Howard, Élodie Yung
Jasmine Sim, Tossapon Banks, Krista Morin, Jonathan Howard, Jolie Thana Pho
Joe Davies
Bryan Parker
Yu Jung Hou
Jonathan Howard, Élodie Yung (Ugly Ducking Productions), Marie Jamora, Jason Mclagan (Indie Pop Films), Matthew Keene Smith (Twice Told Films)
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